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Cotati Heart & Soul - Deborah Taylor-French - January 2017


Cotati Heart & Soul - January 2017

by Deborah Taylor-French

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare

Writing for Cotati has made me an optimist because I keep finding more wonderful people, projects and places. What a great year 2016 was for this columnist. 

Mike O' Neill President from 2011 to 2014In the friendship of Cotati Lions Club members we have a wealth of human goodness. There is a positive glow inside the clubhouse. Each member’s face lights up when talking about club projects, people and places they serve. Did you drink a cup of hot chocolate at the Cotati Christmas tree lighting in La Plaza Park? Lions Club members made and poured it for you. Did you bring home a sprig of mistletoe? A Lions volunteer provided and handed it to you. 

Remember the Cotati Lions Club failing forty-year-old roof mentioned in this column in August? 

Santa lands safely on Cotati Lions Club roof

new Cotati Lions member, Rocky A. Burks“Our deepest gratitude to Larry Hunt and Dave Arntz in securing a new roof for the building. This truly has been an amazing adventure in seeing people unselfishly coming together in helping the Cotati Lions Club. Wow, oh wow!” said Lion Rocky A. Burks, Secretary/Treasurer of the Cotati Lions Club.

If you did not read the August Cotati column, this is the background. The Cotati Lions Club roof was failing. Enter new member, Rocky Burks. Note that average membership over the years has been around eleven members. Rocky accepted the challenge of manifesting a new roof. There were no funds to replace it. 

I interviewed Mike O’ Neill who served as Cotati Lions Club President from 2011 to 2014 and a club leader for ten years. At that time I met his friend and new Cotati Lions member, Rocky A. Burks. Burks canvassed owners and managers at Lowe’s and other building supply companies explaining the situation. Then Burks’ wife took a copy of the August Sonoma County Gazette Cotati column to work. She talked about the need for a new roof. Thus Rocky got introduced to the head of Arntz Builders, Dave Arntz, and discovered they shared a mutual friend. Arntz was already determined to help the Cotati Lions, but when chatting more with Burks, he chose to contribute even more value and professional help. Arntz Builders donated all needed roofing materials. The Cotati Lions Club had a new roof installed December 2nd & 5th. The removal of the old roof was donated and completed by Arntz Builders of Novato. The new roof was installed courtesy of Westech Roofing Inc., of Richmond. If you are grateful for what the Cotati Lions Club does, support them with donations.

Send all donations to: Cotati Lions Club c/o Exchange Bank, Cotati

Cotati Lions Roof being repaired by Arntz Builders and Westech Roofing Inc.

“Cotati’s best kept secret.” Cotati Community Acupuncture  

“Cotati’s best kept secret” relies on satisfied customers’ word of mouth. Person-to-person endorsements have led to a very busy practice.

Cotati Community Acupuncture created and operated by Marc Velez, L.Ac. QME. His community acupuncture model is unique in that he is the sole acupuncturist. “This way,” said Marc, “I am able to provide a continuity of care.” Three days a week he runs the clinic from 9 am to 6 pm. He works as a Quality Medical Evaluator on Tuesday and Thursday. Cotati Community Acupuncture is located at 315 East Cotati Avenue.

Want to try a class at Songbird Center? 

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art practiced both for its self-defense, and more commonly, for its health benefits. This moving meditation quiets the mind, invites a clear body connectedness and plays an important role in self-healing. Physically, the practitioner experiences stability, strength, flexibility and fluidity. Mentally, the practitioner experiences relaxation and focus. “Tai Chi Chuan has changed my life. It is my way of grounding and achieving inner peace. My practice helps me stay conscious with my body’s every movement. When I breathe, sit, walk, lift, push, pull and smile; I connect with the essence of Tai Chi Chuan.” Instructor: Michelle Luna Semet, contact Semet at Fees: $45/month or $10 drop-in. Note: walk-ins welcome.
No previous experience necessary. This on-going class is held every Monday and Wednesday downstairs at Songbird Community Center, 8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati. 

Please email all event, news and suggestions to on or before the 5th of each month.