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Bodega Bay Beat - January 2017


Bodega Bay Beat - January 2017

by Joan Poulos

At last the commercial crab season is open. It was never comprehensible to me that if the crab were not healthy for commercial fishermen,how was it that amateurs could go out and bring in crab to eat? Any way, everybody can go now, from Point Reyes to Salt Point. By the time this is published there may be no restrictions. It sure is nice to see the fishermen back at work. Bodega Bay depends on them.

We had a little drama at sea when the boat, the Verna A11 went aground. The pilot said he fell asleep and the boat went aground while he slept. Imagine his surprise to be awakened by law enforcement officials who enforced the arrest warrant on him. Apparently he had been in previous trouble by helping himself to other people’s money and it took grounding his boat to catch him.

The boats we watch come in all sizes and shapes. The crab boats normally emit no significant smoke but as I write this I am watching a boat going out with smoke rolling out his smokestack. Apparently there have been several cases of deferred maintenance because of the economic situation the fishermen have found themselves confronted with. With all the funds available for emergencies I should think some enterprising fisherman could get at least a line of credit with which to repair the damage caused by the crisis in the crab-vending market. Apparently Congressmen like these kinds of issues.

Shall we start a “crab-crisis loan creation” ?

Local law enforcement had a very successful open house December 8. The very small Sonoma Coast Resident parking was full and the community had a very pleasant chance to meet/greet the local deputies. The community was well represented, especially the ham radio operators and many CERT members. The Grange and the Chamber of Commerce were represented and locals got to see the Red Cross trailer and the Fire Station, in addition to the Law Enforcement (sheriffs, coast guard, CHP) and to ask questions (like how many yards must a hunter stay away from residences) and why isn’t there more parking at the entrance to the new walkway or why don’t we have a pedestrian walkway across from the Grange Hall (the answers are 150 yards for the duck-hunting question, and opposition from Cal Trans the last answer. )

We sure miss our little Christmas Tree. For the last several years there has been a little tree shining at the end of the breakwater at Spud Point. Initially it was put together by the Coast Guard Auxiliary, but I can find no answers this year. Anybody find out who to call, I’m in. Epiphany is usually when we take our tree down; maybe this year we can celebrate the Three Kings, like they do in Ethiopia and have a crab celebration parade. Crab IS king around here. I LOVE a parade. Any takers?

If you haven’t seen the wonderful Sonoma Coast pictures posted at the Grange, better hurry. They are selling fast. John Hershey has done his usual great job. These make excellent presents, if you take my suggestion and celebrate Epiphany. And Crab Cioppino is coming up; the Firefighters’ pancake breakfast is coming up; the Christmas carol celebration was great; Next year I will be sure to make the Santa Rosa Garden Club annual sale. Have to keep those gophers fed!

We are a community that values education. One of our best supporters just died. Joan Scoggins was always the first to volunteer for the raffle for scholarships (she created it). the first to work in the cioppino feed and assure more proceeds for scholarships. It is only proper for the Bodega Bay Grange777 to create a Joan Scoggins Scholarship. Next year this will be awarded along with our usual ones . If you wish to contribute, send your check to Bodega Bay Grange 777,PO Box 152, and specify it is for the Joan Scoggins’ Scholarship Fund. We will also donate part of the tip money at the Cioppino Feed to the Scholarship Fund. You can designate the Joan Scoggins Scholarship Fund, if you like. We will surely miss her and her energy on behalf of our students.

It looks like Hillary was right; we need to give Trump a chance. He apparently has now understood that Russia is not our friend, and is making every effort to cut back on the expenditures on military weaponry without impairing our ability to protect ourselves. Can’t say I am a supporter yet (even the Chinese are still wary) but I am willing to give him a chance. At least the stock market likes him.

The skies have been gorgeous. The sunrise the other morning was more beautiful than even the Northern Lights. The whole sky was bright red, with flashes of orange and pink. Even our little moon has been trying to conquer the evening clouds. We could still use more rain, but the skies are beautiful .

With colors like these, who needs a White Christmas? Enjoy. And say a special Prayer for Peace for 2017. As the song goes: “All we are saying, is – Give Peace a Chance.”