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Local Heroes Save Whale


Local Heroes Save Whale

Last month fishermen on The Legacy – one of the Spud Point Crab Company boats, were able to save a whale caught in crab pot lines. Pots are dropped down to the sea floor with lines up to floaters so they know how to find pots later. These lines don’t cause problems for smaller fish, but for a whale the size of the one rescued, it could have been death. 

There was no time to call for help because the fishermen could see that the whale was injured and bleeding, which put the whale at risk for shark attack. They used boat hooks to grab the ropes then cut the whale loose line by line. The whale seemed to understand that they were helping as lines cut loose so turned in the water to show them more lines to cut until it was free.

Swimming around the boat, as if to say thank you, the whale recovered then took off. The men on board The Legacy felt grateful that they had been in the right lace at the right time to help this beautiful mammal. Clearly, they save its life. THANK YOU Ken Garliepp, Valentine Parnell and crew.