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MARVELOUS! Collage, Assemblage, and Construction at SCA


MARVELOUS! Collage, Assemblage, and Construction at SCA

Celebrating the centennial of collage, Sebastopol Center for the Arts is mounting a major juried show in January 2017, called “MARVELOUS!”

It features works by the most outstanding mixed-media artists  from across the United States, as well as from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South America, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, and Iran.

Valerie-L.-Winslow-Invasion-of-privacy-300.jpgCollage erupted onto the post WWI art scene with the subversive Dada movement – and later proved to be an intriguing chance-driven technique for the Surrealists. The title of this Exhibition, MARVELOUS!, sprang from Surrealism’s foremost visionary, André Breton, who, in his 1924 Manifesto, attributed the idea, “merveilleux” (marvelous) to the essence of the movement.   

“The marvelous is always beautiful, anything marvelous is beautiful, in fact only the marvelous is beautiful.” – André Breton

Other renowned early twentieth century artists who helped shape the rich history of the medium include Picasso, Matisse, Schwitters, Ernst, Duchamp, Hanna Höch, Dali, and Cornell. 

Since that time, collage and its 3-D counterpart assemblage have evolved throughout the century, and today, we’re seeing a resurgence of these exciting “rule-breaking” mediums. The goal of this exhibition is to introduce visitors to some of the most innovative collage and assemblage art in the world today.

The exhibit runs from January 6 through February 12, 2017 and the Opening Reception is January 6, 6-7:30 pm.