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Find them Down by Bodega Bay

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Find them Down by Bodega Bay

By Vesta Copestakes

Remember the Sand Piper down by the Bay at the bottom of the hill in Bodega Bay? Famous for years - clam chowder and everything seafood. They moved to the top of the hill when the landowner decided to remodel. So now we have a move in the opposite direction...along with some additions and improvements.

Find them down by the bay Gourmet au Bay (1412 Bay Flat Rd) has been above the Bay for years, serving wine on their deck overlooking the water and sunsets, wine tasting and an excellent gift shop for tourists and locals. Always busy but never enough parking and a challenge to get on and off Coast Hwy 1.

Ginochio's RibsNow they are down by the shore of the Bay with a large patio that looks straight onto the water with sheltered dining outdoors that they share with Patty Ginochio - president of the Bodega Bay Chamber of Commerce, Champion of the Coast, and owner of Ginochio’s Kitchen (1410 Bay Flat Rd) along with her husband Paul and daughter Alicia. Ginochio’s  opens at 7am serving  traditional hearty breakfast, and BBQ ribs with family recipe Italian dishes for lunch.

Sissy & Bob Blanchard (pictured above) are open for lunch and dinner next door at Gourmet au Bay. A protected patio joins the two restaurants so people have plenty of choices for seating both inside and out.

Gourmet au Bay's Winemaker FlatbreadG au B has a much bigger wine tasting bar and gift shop than they used to but they have also added a fine restaurant. Fresh local produce and fish and shell fish straight off the boats off them exceptional ingredients for their imaginative menu. Their crab cakes are the best of the best, and the Winemaker Flatbread will be bringing us back. 

Good people, good food, good doesn’t get any better than this on the coast. Start your day here, wander the coast and end your day here with a flight of wine to watch the sunset. And yes, bring your dogs to sit on the patio!


Bodega Bay in Winter from the Patio at Gourmet au Bay