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In Love with Earth

In Love with Earth 

by Leslie Curchack


In Love with Earth Calendar a simple breath of fresh air

This year in choosing a central theme for the 2017 In Love With Earth calendar, I was very aware of our social climate of fracture and fear.  Stress about the election as well as stress about the future of our planet have impacted our collective well being and even our capacity to trust in goodness. I decided to turn a focus on the healing power of Nature’s beauty and the support of community as antidotes to the growing anxieties about accelerating national and global crises. On each page, vibrant images evoke Nature’s grace and inspirational words about interconnectedness remind us of the restorative power of these tremendous blessings, so available and so much a part of ourselves. Nature and community are resources which renew joy and meaning in our lives, and help empower us on a path of everyday service towards a common humanity and sustainable future. 

When President Obama and his family visited Yosemite National Park last June, he was clearly moved when he spoke the following words: “You can’t capture this on an iPad or’ve got to come and breathe this in yourself. It changes you by being here.” In my own experience, the change he refers to includes physical calmness and relaxation, a refreshed spirit, a sense of belonging, revelations of beauty and wonder, and more. In the Japanese culture, a standard practice for stress management and spiritual well being is to partake of “forest bathing” - simply walking through a forest and breathing the air. In fact, trees release medicinal aerosols which directly benefit the immune system, just as positive connection with other human beings directly affects our immune system. Being in the presence of something larger than our own individual selves, whether vast mountain ranges or the camaraderie of connected people, calls forth a less narcissistic self and enables greater kindness to others, a requirement for our collective life.

I donate profits from this calendar to the nonprofit Daily Acts. Last year I dedicated In Love With Earth to Pope Francis and his Encyclical; this year I salute Trathen Heckmann and the Daily Acts staff and volunteers, for continuing to humbly and powerfully transform our culture through love of the Earth and strength of community. 

In addition to supporting Daily Acts, the "In Love With Earth" calendar is a pleasure to own, and a unique and valuable gift for friends and loved ones. It can be purchased at, or locally at Copperfields, Corricks, Real Goods, Seed Bank, Good Earth, Community Market, Mail Depot, Cottage Gardens, G&G Markets, The Share Exchange and other outlets. The retail price is $13.99 and for discounts on larger quantities, please contact me at

May your coming year be filled with the blessings of Nature and of community! ~ because every choice matters. Enriching Lives By Inspiring Positive Action. Our education programs, action campaigns, and strategic alliances connect people to each other and to their own power to grow food, conserve resources and build local resilience.