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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Martha Salazar 

People come into a spiritual store for a variety of reasons. When they are feeling inspired and want to remember that feeling of inspiration and joy. 

When they are dealing with a challenge or difficult situation and they want to find peace and solace. 

When they are looking for that perfect greeting card or gift to convey caring, comfort, and love. 

When they stumble, fall, or lose their way and need help remembering their true spiritual nature. 

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts We have banners hanging on the walls with messages offering faith and hope. One such banner reads, “Love: An inspired form of giving. Love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul.”

Candles are often used during meditation practice; customers seem to find comfort in the flickering of the flame. Folks also come to our store in search of a particular statue. Kuan Yin is often sought as a reminder of compassion. People seek out the peaceful face of the Buddha. Grace and solace is often found in gazing upon the Virgin Mary and Jesus.  St. Francis is a gentle reminder of the generous nature of animals. Folks are transformed by the beautiful poetic wisdom of Rumi.

Giving and receiving is part of the natural cycle of life.  Deepak Chopra says, “In order to receive, we must continue to give. In other words, giving and receiving are simply two different expressions of the same flow of energy.” This applies to gift giving and receiving as well. 

Do you recall seeing the joy on someone’s face when you gave that perfect gift at that perfect time?  Who really received the gift? Whose heart expanded? 

When you give a gift, it keeps on giving. These objects are reminders that attract our attention when we get lost in daily stress. A pendant worn round your neck will guide your hand to it. Serenity on the face of a statues will calm your own face. There are many ways to bring calm to your heart and mind.

And the one we always need to remember, is that a donation to an organization that does the work we would do if we could, allows others to give in ways we cannot.

Volunteering our time not only solves problems, it also connects us with people of like mind and heart. The time you sit at home alone can be replaced by time sharing a common cause with good people on the same path. “Seek and you shall find” a good reminder to step back and take a look at the community we all share to see what more we can do to make it better for all of us.