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Journey North through Local History for Holiday Gifts

Journey North through Local History for Holiday Gifts

by Sonda Hunter

We are in the holiday season again,and it’s time to find something special for your loved ones. Come into the Fort Ross Book shop any weekend. Just getting here is a gift for yourselfand anyone who joins you on this adventure. Make a day of it! Pack a picnic, bundle up, tour the Fort, & on your way out swing through our shop to see all our wonderful books, and much much more.

We have a wonderful selection of greeting cards with local plants, animals,and scenery. Stuffed animals wth an emphasis on local critters. Basket Kits for the crafty people who want to take learn how locals made vessels for everything from nuts to water. And even a wide variety of holiday ornaments reflecting historic traditions. We even have locally-crafted warm clothing and jewelry created by north coast artists.

Nature lovers learn from our collection of education titles:

The Wild Mushroom Cookbook, Secrets of the Oak Woodlands: Plants & Animals Among California’s Oaks,  Sea Creatures & Birds or for tide-poolers, Fylling’s Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools (a gem of a book!). Get inspired by one of our many Hiking, Walking, or Biking Guides. Looking for a 2017 tide book? Northern California 2017 Tide log by Pacific Publishers.

Journey North for Holiday Gifts Interested in our local authors? Read these books:

Red Canoe - Camping and Hiking Poems, A Memoir by Gretchen Butler

Wild Plum Cafe - A Memoir, Tales of Homesteading in Northern California’s Backcountry by Gretchen Butler

So Far From Home: Russians in Early California by Glenn J. Farris

Mendonoma Sightings Throughout The Year - The fascinating world of nature on the Mendocino/Sonoma coast by Jeanne A. Jackson

California Indians and Their Environment, An Introduction by Kent G. Lightfoot and Otis Parrish

Wildflowers of Northern California’s Wine Country & North Coast Ranges by Reny Parker

I Wish I Had a Pet - Big or small, scruffy or smooth, frisky or quiet- so many pets to choose from! Which pet is just right for you? By Maggie Rudy

The House That Mouse Built - In this lyrical little love story, Musetta steals Mouse’s cheese - and then his heart.  Set in the exquisitely constructed mouse world, look for delicious details on every page.  By Maggie Rudy

The Old Salt Point Township - Sonoma County, California 1841 - 1941 from the Russian Exodus to World War II… historyby Lynn Hay Rudy 

Come play in our back yard for a change:
Fort Ross State Historic Park, 19005 Coast Highway One, north of Jenner OPEN:  Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays 10am-430pm 707.847.3437 - - Tell them you read this in the Gazette! For every purchase get a Fort Ross poster! 

Journey North for Holiday Gifts