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An Invitation to Imagine - Paintings by Teri Sloat


An Invitation to Imagine
Paintings by Teri Sloat at the Sebastopol Gallery

Sebastopol Gallery invites you to see “An Invitation to Imagine,” folkloric art by Teri Sloat through January 31, 2017. Visit the gallery to add a touch of magic to your life and to bring your own narrative to these paintings. And join us on Thursday, December 1st from 5 to 7 pm to meet Teri and other gallery artists, learn more about the work, and enjoy good conversation and snacks. The reception is timed to coordinate with Sebastopol’s Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony at 7 pm in the plaza.

Teri notes that she works in two art fields, and has different needs when creating her work. “Many people know me as a picture book writer and illustrator, and for the last few years I have also joined the world of gallery art,” she says. “I have two very different needs when I do my art. One is to be outside painting in the weather, whatever it may be (well, almost), and the other is to drift into scenes floating through my mind which, when put to paper or canvas, tend to take me to a more imaginary place.”

The current exhibit explores her imaginary paintings and her “intense love” of pastels. She observes, “I love working with the colors of light, choosing the right colors to make the light bounce from object to object and creating transitions from light to shadow.” Sebastopol Gallery, 150 North Main St, Sebastopol.