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Small Shops of Sonoma County - 2016

Taking care of our home comes in all flavors. Ultimately, our home is the entire planet, so we take care of it by being conscious of our daily actions, like recycling, a simple act that keeps what we no longer need out of landfills. And we have learned that just as a global economy improves lives all over the planet, a local economy improves lives here at home.

What I love about doing this annual guide is that researching locally-owned stores, forces me to shop! I’m not a shopper by nature, so getting out to explore is like a vacation - an action out of the ordinary. Alan, my husband, loves to shop so when he comes along, I get the benefits of time with him as well. And he tends to buy me clothes.  “Hey Babe, try this on. I think it will look good on you.” OK! Talk about a win/win!

We also get hungry while we’re out there, so we find some place to eat that’s new. Why not! Then I get to tell you about it if I like it. That’s the beauty of these shopping excursions. Time with someone is precious, so take a friend - anyone you enjoy, and just play. It’s early enough in the season that pressure is light, weather is good, and if you picked this guide up before Thanksgiving, you have a whole weekend ahead of you to relax.

I focused on downtowns because each community is unique and the flavor of that piece of Sonoma County is strong in these downtowns. Large communities, our small cities, try to make it easy for you to park and walk. So you find a lot near a shopping area and wander from there, up one side of a street and down another. Cross a block, find an alley to more stores, take a set of stairs to another street. 

One of the best parts about shopping for presents is that we get to ponder the person we care about. What interests her or him? What colors does s/he like?  How can we contribute to his/her life in some way that’s meaningful. Perhaps the best way is by sharing time. If someone is close,  you might consider taking your friend WITH you to shop. You get two benefits - time shared and the perfect present. 

So have fun - this is the perfect weather ~ Fall in Sonoma County. Recent rains cleared the air and if you look off in the distance you can see our hills turning green as our trees and vineyards turn brilliant yellow, orange and red. We live in paradise. Take the time to enjoy it.


LINK to Flip the Pages of the entire 2016 Small Shops Guide

2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

New Discoveries & Old Friends

By Vesta Copestakes

Like I said before, I’m not a shopper, so getting out to explore Sonoma County shopping means I can’t cover the entire county. I seriously wanted to get up the north coast because I can’t remember when I went last, so I’m glad Sondra Hunter brought us to where she lives in Fort Ross.  What a sweet journey to another world, another piece of California past, and not far away at all. You’ll find her story on page 16. 

 This year I went to find stores I did not know about. Some are new and some I had no idea they exist. This is what makes shopping more of an adventure. Park once and walk. That’s the best part. It’s amazing what you can find when you are walking downtown. The slow pace allows for discovery. 

In Sonoma I had the chance to have lunch with friends. Hewitt and Linda moved up from Corte Madera last year. Heading into their retirement years they wanted to live with opportunities for open spaces in gentler surroundings. Linda and I wandered downtown so she could show me what she had discovered as a newcomer, and I could introduce her to my familiars. That win/win again. Shopping with friends…time shared and mission accomplished.

Sonoma shopping for fun pretty much means the Plaza at the center of the Universe for East County. I asked Linda about discoveries outside this realm and she pretty much said - no - this is where it all happens. From a newcomer who has spent her days exploring her new home, I find this interesting. Since Sonoma survives and thrives on tourism, it makes sense that gift shops would seek the center, and functioning shops would be outside that center.  

Large Leather Fine Leather Products, Sonoma CASonoma is good at providing a park and walk environment. It’s very easy to park around the Plaza or at one of the parking lots a block off the main streets.  Because Jessica at Large Leather (481 1st St W) is such a delightful person, and she advertises with us, I visit her just about every time I’m in town. She’s an Old Friend by now. I admire her spunk, her work-ethic, her craftsmanship, and her involvement in her community. So conversations are always stimulating. The store is tiny and if you like the smell of leather, breathe deep. Jessica works in the back room creating the purses, belts, wrist cuffs and just about everything you see hanging on the walls. Her specialty is silver belt buckle sets, so if you are looking for that one unique piece, this is the place to come. And if you want a purse that is both beautiful and functional - ask Jessica. If she doesn’t have it on the wall, she’ll make it for you.

Because Linda is such a kind person, when I said go into Kaboodle (453 1st St W) , she did, and immedatley fell in love with the owner, her Standard Poodle and the store. I purchase a holiday ornament here every year because they have an amazing selection, the store is beautiful, and although it looks expensive, I can still get something I like for under $5. You never know until you explore. 

Linda had never been into Bella Vita (457 1st St W ) so I took her in here because it’s the essence of female. If you feel dowdy and purely functional, come here to remind yourself that there is a feminine side to females. Women can find what makes them feel good, and men can find what will make their women feel good. Soft, sensual, beautiful. And stylish in every way.

The Candlestick, Sonoma, CAAnd because I like The Candlestick (38 W Spain St) so much, and candles work as consumable gifts, I like visiting Jane. It’s not her store, Dan owns it, but Jane is usually tending the store and she catches me up on local issues because she’s active in the community on so many levels. Because it’s a specialty store, you find things here that you won’t find elsewhere. 

New for me, but familiar for Linda, was going into the Sonoma Barracks Museum (98 E Spain St.) gift store. It’s part of the State Parks system so it’s part history and part shopping experiene. (They also have public restrooms, so it comes in handy. Go into the Plaza Visitors Beuareau for other restrooms.) But I really liked the store...and it’s another source for California Native Wildflower Seeds in bags. I think seeds are an excellent gift because they spread beauty, native plants, encourage bees, butterflies, etc. and are easy. Sprinkle on the ground and let rain take it from there. Items to purcahse reflect the history of this area, and the culture, so they are both beautiful and educational.

Bon Marche Thrift Store, Sonoma CALinda took me down one of the alleys (the Mercato) off the Plaza to Eminent Design (450 1st St E) - a discovery for me. The store features many local artists and is a feast of interior design accents.  Because it’s a gallery, the variety is unique and changes constantly, so this is one of those visit once, come again to find something new kind of stores.    

There’s only so much shopping a person can do in one day, but Linda took me to more places that held my interest before I was burned out. Bon Marche Thrift Store (539 1st St W) which is a rather amazing collection of clothing and objects of beauty at seriously reduced prices because nothing in here is new.  They have a second location on Riverside Drive, but it’s completely different. I’d say this one is the gift store of the two.

Sebastopol Advertisers are on this page, so I’m taking you west. I’ve lived in West County since 1972 when I migrated from Philadelphia. I had a few years in the Bay Area and some up in Mendocino County, but Sonoma County drew me home and right here in West County is where my roots slipped deep into the soil. So Sebastopol is familiar in a zillion ways. 

Sagestone, Sebastopol CAThere are two NEW stores that came in this year, so let me introduce you to Mary who owns Sagestone (112 N Main), and her amazing collection of everything stone…from lighting to art objects to jewelry. I am impressed. This is science and art all in one store. 

If you love hand-crafted jewelry to adorn your body, especially if it’s made of natural stones and metals, you’ll find something in the cases that line the left of the store. The rest of the store is a museum of how earth and time blend to create preserve life forms.  The amber lamps in the darkened room at the back of the store are remarkable. The light they provide is beyond warm, but the history in those amber formations is mesmerizing. This store is a wonderful opportunity to show children what lies inside rocks and underground when brought to the surface. Check out the fossils. Time frozen still.

Karma Clothing, Sebastopol, CAThe other new store is Karma Clothing (6984 McKinley) - not that the store is actually new - it;s the owner that’s new - and she moved the store when she purchased it from Shane. Trinidad’s space sandwiched between  Whole Foods Market and Sonoma Chocolatier (6988 McKinley St ) is everything comfortable and flexible to wear. Rack upon rack of soft, flexible clothing for exercise and just plain every day hangs in colors brilliant to earthtone. She has a system where members (free membership) always get 50% off anything in the store so the price tag you see is not what you pay IF you are a member. Certainly there’s no reason to not be a  member! Can you think of one?

Along the lines of Old friends, I know that if I don’t say “HEY” to Sabina and Margaret of Art & Soul (154 & 156 N. Main), I will get a friendly nudge along with my hug when I enter their store next time. 

They are part what started this whole Small Shops Guide so many years ago. When they bought the store they replaced an ice cold owner with two very warm-hearted owners and it made all the difference in the world entering this store.  It’s one thing to know your product and another to know your customers. I will always prefer a store with the combination of both. It makes me WANT to shop in their store. Love you and all you represent girls! 

Sonoma County has only a few art supply stores and they are all very good. This one happens to be where I live so I can at least flirt with the idea of being that artist I was when I entered art college back in 1967. 

And that makes me want to give a shout-out to People’s Music (122 N. Main) because Bo retired and his son Alex took over. He even moved from New Jersey to Sebastopol to run the store.  For all of us who love this store and how it supports music and musicians in Sonoma County, we are very happy that it didn’t just close when Bo retired! THANK YOU for staying with us! Music is essential to all life. It’s why birds sing!

I’m just following along with the advertisers right now because I like it when editorial supports advertisers on the page you find their ad. 

Yes, it’s true, Little Luma (151 Petaluma Blvd. S.) in Petaluma is on the previous page, but that’s because it’s with other kid-oriented stores. When you are looking for high quality products for children and don’t want to put a lot of plastic in their hands, you seek out stores that share your value system for parenting. It’s why Circle of Hands (6780 McKinley Street) exists. Everything in that store inspires imagination, feeds the heart and soul of kids being kids, inspires them to a gentle and loving approach toward life forms while they learn and play. As we head into an uncertain future, we try our best to protect delicate hearts and tender minds. These stores do that for us. 

Santa Rosa

This city is our core. And right now they are changing the very center of their center by rebuilding Courthouse Square. The end result will be lovely and everyone downtown hopes it will fulfill the intent of giving the city its center back. Time will tell, but in the mean time merchants are having a hard time as traffic stops and gets rerouted away from downtown. Not to worry - there are plenty of parking garages and spaces if you are willing to walk just a short distance. 

And Santa Rosa always has some holiday shopping program that saves people if their meters run out. People in Santa hats with quarters plugging them into meters. 

I’m happy to see Lavish Hi-Fi (1044 4th St) in our pages. Craig is THE man for telling you why having a distortion-free audio system in your home calms your mind after a day of stress. And I believe him! 

My father was into superior audio when it was tubes instead solid state. Oh how our house boomed with his favorite music at high volume! And my brother David started DC Audio years ago in New Hampshire, establishing home systems that made your house sound like a performance hall. I relate! Go sit on a chair and have Craig or one of his associates demonstrate what really good sound feels like! It’s worth your time.

Down one of those streets that is suffering from construction are two shops worth seeking out.  One is Denise Showalter-Cruz’s Jimmy Girl (420 Mendocino Ave) because items on display are very gift-oriented...for yourself as well as someone else. It’s Vintage all the way and full of color and style. Denise is a delightful person who carefully chooses objects she knows people will like. I found cast metal towel hooks for my kitchen that are small elephants with their trunks as hooks. 

And just a few doors toward 4th Street is Soulriders, (404 Mendocino Ave ) owned by Kurt who loves everything surfing, skateboarding, cars and music. After living in Mexico and San Clemente, he moved back to Sonoma County when his wife’s mother fell sick. He misses those Southern California beaches so immerses himself in all he loves. Put a board under his feet, music in his ears and take a ride. This store has skateboards, clothing, music and art. Very cool stuff and fun to chat with Kurt while shopping. There’s history on those walls!

Another New Discovery is Bohlux (638 5th St) with Honeycomb right across the hall. I was walking down 5th Street and I literally swung my head around as a truly beautiful purse caught my eye. This is artistry in leather goods. LuLu’s store wasn’t open that day so I retuned later to find her in her shop, busily making products. 

She showed me how she performs her  craft, then put one of the leather flower barrettes she is now carrying into her hair for me to see. A young apprentice wanted to show her work and brought them in for the store. Lulu went on to show me the details of her purses. Self-locking clasps, the entire inside of the purse also in leather with little pockets in contrasting colors. These are true works of art and worth every penny they cost because of the time and attention to detail they require. I am impressed! If you love purses, go seek her out.

Jon Russo (our ad sales man on the street) caught Vanessa Johansen in Honeycomb right next door, and was so impressed with the quality of her goods. Such a nice person he said. Tasteful products, quality soaps and lotions (great for presents along the consumable line) pretty objects for home. Purchase something for your friend them something for yourself.

Old Friends - that’s my friend Larry Conover Jewelers (532 College Ave.) on the lower right of page 9. I have known him for about 30 years. When you need a goldsmith, he’s your man. Every little detail is precious to him. His integrity of craftsmanship and respect for people’s family heirlooms brings people back over and over. 

Larry creates beautiful jewelry designed for his clients, and also does repairs, etc. And yes, he buys gold so if you need extra cash over the holidays and have some gold you don’t want, take it to Larry. He always gives people a good deal - fair and honest in every way. 


Ah yes, the day Alan said, “I’ll come to Petaluma with you. I haven’t been there in I don’t know how long!” Turns out, neither have I! When I had this delivery route, I came here all the time. My Petaluma man retired so I’ll be back delivering until I can replace him. If you see me lugging Gazettes, say HI! I like your city!

Look what I discovered! ToyBVille (136 Petaluma Blvd N) moved to downtown from their E. Washington  Plaza North Center store. That’s great news for downtown. With Lala’s Creamery (134 Petaluma Blvd N) right next door it’s a perfect combination for families. This is a great toy store so I’m glad to see them downtown.

This city reminds me of East Coast cities.  Maybe it’s the old architecture and the friendly people on the streets. People get out and about in downtown. Parking is relatively easy with a multistory parking lot and several street level lots all within easy walking of shops and restaurants.

Alan knows the drill by now - we wander in and out of shops. If we find something we like, we stay and look around, get into conversations and I take photos. He can tell when I like a shop by how many pictures I take. 

On Kentucky Street, Alan fell in love with Paperwhite (119 Kentucky St). It’s paper of the extraordinary and decorative kind. Fine textures, colors, sheets of wrapping paper and everything that makes a beautiful present. Alan is quite the artist wrapping. You carefully unwrap what he creates because half the gift is how he adorned it.

What lit me up was going into Hot Polka Dot (119A Kentucky) only open on weekends! This little store is packed with new and gently used fashions, accessories and BOOTS. Ayala specializes in boots for women with wide calves. That’s unusual. Fashions tend toward younger people, so think of this store for your teen or young adult.

B Street Mercantile (316 B St), attracted both of us. Owned by Jenny and Patti they focus on locally made products. Very Petaluma in here with plenty of chickens and incredibly fine drawings of Petaluma buildings by  Ricky Watts.  It’s a wander around and touch things kind of clips to T-shirts, wall art to greeting cards with lots of color. 

We stopped for lunch in the great Petaluma Mill down by the river in the Wild Goat Bistro (6 Petaluma Blvd N.) They have tables out in the sheltered courtyard with light pouring in, and inside the cozy restaurant in two dining areas. I asked customers if they like the food and each person gave it thumbs up. Good sign!

We ordered a turkey sandwich and salad, and I have to say the salad was a wonderful combination of hearty greens with tender beets and sweet oranges. Yes, with goat cheese of course. The dressing was perfect. I want more. 

The store that captured me wholly is Nan Winters Cool Stuff. (23 4th St). I am amazed. She specializes in wedding and special event garments, but also has plenty of lovely dresses, tops and accessories. Alan found me something new to wear that is silky soft and flattering. Thank you Alan. Her website doesn’t even begin to tell the tale so please go visit this shop in person. I’m certain you will be just as impressed as I am. 

One more store and I’m ready to leave Petaluma. Velvet Ice Collection (140 2nd St) across the way from Little Luma (151 Petaluma Blvd S) I wrote about on page 8. This is in the Theater District so it’s just south of downtown but walking distance if you parked centrally. 

And here’s the advantage of a store vs. online. I bought a blouse here that I had rejected online, but here I could try it on and it’s perfect!

I know I keep harping on the personal side of shopping locally at locally owned stores - and yes, most of these stores have websites as well, so look them up. But websites still can’t replace being in the store, meeting the merchant, getting to know what makes this store unique, and how very dedicated these owners are to their stores and products. Duncans Mills

I feel like this tiny town is my home away from home. Because they run a full page in our regular Gazette I go out there every month to take photos of what merchants want in their ads. I eat at Cape Fear because the food is excellent and my friend Alain Serkissian owns it. I purchase jewelry at Pig Alley and Worldly Goods because the two Cathys and Steve have become my friends...people I respect and enjoy. 

I’m a HUGE fan of Brian Trombly of Mr. Trombly’s Tea & Table  (25191 Main S). Brian put Duncans Mills on the map when he opened his first tea shop. He loves culinary merchandise and the items in both of his stores reflect what he enjoys. 

Duncans Mills. is on two sides of Hwy 116 west of Guerneville on the way to the coast. Or on the way back from the coast if you are heading east.

Two restaurants, one with a taven, one coffee shop, one grocery store and many shops for gifts and lovely things.  

And I have to sing the praises of Sophie’s Cellars owned by John Haggard who writes our Wine Banter column every month. On Friday evenings he hosts Locals Night (you don’t have to be a local) when John serves beautifully prepared snacks with wine by the glass. Sometimes he brings in live music and on cold nights people hang out on the glassed in deck by a fire snuggled into the warmth of Alpaca blankets from Worldly Goods. 

The Queen of Duncans Mills is  Nancy Ferreira who owns Christopher Queen Gallery.  Her collection of early California paintings is museum quality and takes your breath away. If you want to see what our landscape used to look like, come see these paintings.


It’s my second home in many ways. I get just as involved with issues in this town as I do my own. One of my favorite Guerneville experiences is 1st Friday Art Walk. All the stores stay open, restaurants burst with the scent of flavorful food, and creativity runs high. Some artists set tables out on the sidewalks with their wares. It’s all to promote local art and artists, of which there are many.

I have the glass work of Rebecca Lichau Russian River Glass Images (16369 Main) in my windows and her beautifully drawn botanical illustrations on my walls. 

Sam Sirdofsky, our cover artist this month is my very dear friend and she and I work together creating coloring cards and folios of her art that we sell in Russian River Gallery (16369 Main). This gallery is a gathering of many genres and styles...all people who create because they love to. Pottery, sculpture, jewelry. Painting, illustrations...all available as original art and reproductions.

Every month a different artist is on display in the window, and because this is a co-op gallery,  you get to meet one of the artists tending the gallery on any given day.


Artisan’s Co-op (17175 Bodega Hwy) in the tiny town of Bodega is a collection of 25 resident artists. Their new store is large enough to have wearables from finely woven fabrics made into fine art jackets, hand spun wool crocheted into hats, scarves and sweaters, leather crafters boots, and of course jewelry to adorn your body. 

Right next door, Dressmaker Yeunny Mears creates hand made clothing. Her latest creations are made of 100% cotton woven into patterns from the natural colors of cotton.


This one block long town is famous for its fine restaurants and for Graton Gallery, another co-op of exceptional artists. One of these artists is Rik Olson whose art graces the back cover of every Gazette, including this one, with illustrations for Fine Tree Care.

I end this shopping journey &  hope you enjoyed yourself as you explore stores you’ve never experience, and support ones you love.

Happy Holidays! ~ Vesta



Positive Impact Gifts 

During the holy ads telling me about the latest gadgets and toys that I should buy. Even if the ones I bought in the past might be working fine, I am supposed to get caught up in the holiday shopping frenzy and replace them with something new.

This is just one view of the holiday season. Since I own a unique local gift store and a healing center, I get exposed to many different angles.There are all kinds of people who shop at my store. Some of the customers say they finish their holiday shopping by October, but most of them shop in December, and especially in the last week. Often they are buying gifts because they are supposed to buy a gift for someone.They may not know the person very well or know what the person likes. These kinds of gifts are “have to” or “expected” gifts.


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Gifts of Local Food 

Consumables - Nothing to Launder or Dust!

MANY of us don’t want another object to figure out where to place. Food make more sense to us. In Sonoma County you can find locally grown, locally produced, locally created food products in every town.  We are Mecca for fine food and fine wine.  Some markets even sell beautifully made baskets you can purchase along with the food so you have everything ready to go.

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Destination: Cloverdale 

Kristine Bodily-Gallagher surrounds herself with guardians of the farm to table principal.Her restaurant is a bastion for serving the freshest local seasonal ingredients presented in a unique and sophisticated style. 

Savvy On First skillfully provides all-day breakfast, brunch, elegant yet comforting salads and sandwiches plus divine dinners. The super star baker, Jennifer Holbrook, creates an incredible array of  hand pies, tarts, cheesecakes, cookies, muffins and other perfect pastries. 

Everything is prepared in-house with care and great attention to detail. The brunch menu’s Market Skillet is presented in a wrought iron frying pan and topped with an over easy egg. The eggs are harvested fresh every morning at the Nico Fiano Dry Creek farm.


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7 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Pet 


Life is all about fun, play & THEM - Don’t even try to take their picture  until  after you’ve had a good  romp. After your “star” has had a chance to burn off some energy and they are happy and relaxed, you can capture magic!

Never, underestimate the power of healthy, yummy treats in accomplishing your mission! I recommend teeny bits of salmon or chicken. Fidois alert and totally ‘gets’ what’s in it for him.

Funny sounds and voices are a must have in your repertoire. Mix it up but, don’t overuse or they’ll tune you out. Don’t make sounds that frighten them, you want them to wonder, “what is that funny noise?” Get your shot lined up and then at just the right moment, for the maximum effect make your noise or voice


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Journey North through Local History for Holiday Gifts

We are in the holiday season again,and it’s time to find something special for your loved ones. Come into the Fort Ross Book shop any weekend. Just getting here is a gift for yourselfand anyone who joins you on this adventure. Make a day of it! Pack a picnic, bundle up, tour the Fort, & on your way out swing through our shop to see all our wonderful books, and much much more.

We have a wonderful selection of greeting cards with local plants, animals,and scenery. Stuffed animals wth an emphasis on local critters. Basket Kits for the crafty people who want to take learn how locals made vessels for everything from nuts to water. And even a wide variety of holiday ornaments reflecting historic traditions. We even have locally-crafted warm clothing and jewelry created by north coast artists.


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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

People come into a spiritual store for a variety of reasons. When they are feeling inspired and want to remember that feeling of inspiration and joy. 

When they are dealing with a challenge or difficult situation and they want to find peace and solace. 

When they are looking for that perfect greeting card or gift to convey caring, comfort, and love. 

When they stumble, fall, or lose their way and need help remembering their true spiritual nature. 

We have banners hanging on the walls with messages offering faith and hope. One such banner reads, “Love: An inspired form of giving. Love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul.”


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In Love with Earth a simple breath of fresh air

This year in choosing a central theme for the 2017 In Love With Earth calendar, I was very aware of our social climate of fracture and fear.  Stress about the election as well as stress about the future of our planet have impacted our collective well being and even our capacity to trust in goodness. I decided to turn a focus on the healing power of Nature’s beauty and the support of community as antidotes to the growing anxieties about accelerating national and global crises. On each page, vibrant images evoke Nature’s grace and inspirational words about interconnectedness remind us of the restorative power of these tremendous blessings, so available and so much a part of ourselves. Nature and community are resources which renew joy and meaning in our lives, and help empower us on a path of everyday service towards a common humanity and sustainable future. 


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Find them Down by the Bay 

Find them down by the bay

Remember the Sand Piper down by the Bay at the bottom of the hill in Bodega Bay? Famous for years - clam chowder and everything seafood. They moved to the top of the hill when the landowner decided to remodel. So now we have a move in the opposite direction...along with some additions and improvements.

Gourmet au Bay (1412 Bay Flat Rd) has been above the Bay for years, serving wine on their deck overlooking the water and sunsets, wine tasting and an excellent gift shop for tourists and locals. Always busy but never enough parking and a challenge to get on and off Coast Hwy 1.

Now they are down by the shore of the Bay with a large patio that looks straight onto the water with sheltered dining outdoors that they share with Patty Ginochio - president of the Bodega Bay Chamber of Commerce, Champion of the Coast, and owner of Ginochio’s Kitchen (1410 Bay Flat Rd) along with her husband Paul and daughter Alicia. Ginochio’s  opens at 7am serving traditional hearty breakfast, and BBQ ribs with family recipe Italian dishes for lunch.


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Small Shops of Sonoma County Advertisers Index 


Sonoma County Small Shop advertisers index


1 - Art & Soul   
154 & 156 N.Main St., Sebastopol

2 - Artisans’ Co-Op Gallery
17175 Bodega Hwy., Bodega

- Baci Artisan Chocolatier
399 Business Park Ct. #306, Windsor
4 - Beekind
921 Hwy. 116  S., Sebastopol

5 - Bohlux
638 5th St. Stuite 10, Santa Rosa

6 - Center for Sacred Studies         
13550 Church St., Guerneville

7 - Circle of Hands
6780 McKinley St. #120,  Sebastopol

8 - Cloverdale Nursery
216 S. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale

9 - Fine Tree Care

10 - Flower Song Florist
307 N. Main St., Sebastopol

11 - Garrett Ace Hardware
        The Gift Horse
10540 Old Redwood Hwy,  
Windsor  707-433-6590
AND - 1360 Healdsburg Ave.,
Healdsburg  707-433-1450

12 - Gifts Galore & More
1 Padre Parkway Ste. A
Rohnert Park

13 - Gin Gillis Vintage Home
21079 Ste E, Geyserville Ave.

14 - Gourmet au Bay
1412 Bay Flat Rd., Bodega Bay

15 - Graton Gallery
9048 Graton Road, Graton

16 - Guerneville 5 & 10
16252 Main St., Guerneville

 17 - Hen Haus Boutique
8099 La Plaza Ste. H, Cotati

18 - Honeycomb at Home
638 5th St. Suite 9, Santa Rosa

19 - Jimmy Girl
420 Mendocino Ave. Ste. #102
Santa Rosa              

20 - Karma Clothing
6984 McKinley Ave., Sebastopol

21 - Large Leather on the Plaza
481 A 1st S. West, Sonoma

22 - Larry Conover Jeweler
532 College Ave., Santa Rosa

23 - Lavish Hi-Fi
1044 4th St., Santa Rosa

24 - Little Luma
151 Petaluma Blvd. S. Suite #141

25Made Local Marketplace
529 4th St., Santa Rosa

26 - Mr. Trombly’s Tea
25191 Main St., Duncans Mills

27 - Nightingale Breads
6665 Front St., Forestville

28 - Occidental Community Council
3920 Bohemian Hwy., Occidental

29 - Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary
209 Bohemian Hwy., Freestone

30 - Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography
Anne Mary travels to your location

31 - People’s Music
122 N. Main St., Sebastopol

32 - Positively Fourth Street
628 Fourth St., Santa Rosa

33 - Purls of Joy
461 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg
707 433-5697

34 - Reenie Birds Clothing, Gifts & Alterations             
7112 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol

35 - Russian River Art Gallery
16357 Main St., Guerneville

36 - Russian River Glass Images
16369 Main St., Guerneville

37 - Sacks Hospice of Petaluma Thrift Store
128 Liberty Street, Petaluma

38 - Sagestone
112 N. Main St., Sebastopol

39 - Sebastopol Downtown Assoc.

40 - Shear Pleasure Salon
6959 Front St., Forestville

41 - Shutterbug Camera Shops
3011 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa
One Petaluma Blvd. N. Petaluma

42 - Sonoma Chocolatiers
6988 McKinley St., Sebastopol

43 - Sonoma County Regional Parks
2300 County Center Dr., Santa Rosa

44 - Sonoma Wool Company
Valley Ford
Check online for Retail Stores

45 - Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods -
17000 Armstrong Woods Rd.,
Jenner Visitor Center
10439 Hwy. 1, Jenner

46 - Stones Throw Gifts
8278 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati

47 - Studio Nouveau
25195 B St., Duncans Mills

48 - SunKissed
205 5th St., Santa Rosa

49 - Wee Three Children’s Store
1007 A West College Ave., Santa Rosa

50 - Wild Birds Unlimited
71 Brookwood Ave., Santa Rosa