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Rohnert Park Ripples by Jud Snyder - December 2016


Rohnert Park Ripples by Jud Snyder - December 2016

Bluest county in bluest state in role of host to GOP’s Trump

Like all Sonoma County residents Rohnert Park citizens are still flinching over the news that Republican Donald Trump will be sitting in the same furniture in the White House formerly occupied by Barack Obama. This ‘flinching” is not a two-week grumbling over a chocolate latte or a glass of sauvignon blanc, this symptom will be picking at us for two years with persistent nagging like poison ivy

Where did pundits go wrong in picking the much-maligned Trump in this, the bluest county in the bluest state that stretches from the Mexican border to the Oregon state line?

Oh, we’ll hear plenty of punditry from TV channels and daily newspapers the next few weeks but I promise to add only a bit that has escaped the oncoming flood that has already started by the county’s army of pundits.

Hilary Clinton’s messages were obviously shoved aside. I’ve heard the rumor if Michelle Obama was picked to shatter the female president glass ceiling the result would flatten Trump. It’s a bit of fantasy “what if’s?” now long faded.

One of the main problems is Trump brings a crazy assortment of lies, exaggerations, misstatements, misquotes and falsehoods draped about his shoulders to the White House. Will they be put into play or will a polite Trump adapt a new policy guided by more sensible advisers? All we can do is cross our fingers and wait.

For example, Trump wants foreign countries in Europe and the Middle East to help pay the cost of stationing American troops in their country. He doesn’t like American funds sent to other countries. Well, I wonder how Trump feels about federal funds used to subsidize bus and train systems across the country. Practically every one knows train and bus fares collected do not cover the cost of any local transit system and federal subsidies are needed to keep buses and trains moving.

But if Trump eliminates or cuts back federal transit subsidies, our SMART commute trains will be in trouble which in turn means our Downtown Rohnert Park plan will be in trouble also.  I trust SMART’s Board of Directors are aware of this possibility. 

Jake Mackenzie’s a member of this board and he will be RP’s new Mayor later this month. So far, he’s been capable of not tripping over pebbles in the many paths he’s chosen to serve.

SMART’s Board of Directors already has a bushel basket filled with problems ever since it clumsily introduced itself to RP residents. If Trump holds true to his dislike of sending money to countries holding American troops, this stated pre-election position could find a home on American shores.

Yes, politics are a grand old game and as I’ve said before, “Democracy is a lousy way to run a country but it’s way ahead of whatever’s in second place.”

OK. You can cross your fingers now.