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Roseland Review - November 2016 - Duane Dewitt


Reasons to Rejoice in Roseland!

by Duane De Witt

1.) Righteous rains returned to Roseland, 2.) Redwood Gospel Mission in Roseland project delayed. 3.) Roseland Forum with new County Supervisor in 2017.

BOTH candidates for the 5th District Supervisor position have publically stated they will hold a Roseland Forum if they are elected on November 8th. This occurred at the Roseland Library on Thursday October 6 when the two candidates, Noreen Evans and Lynda Hopkins (alphabetical order) spoke to various residents of the 5th District at a Roseland candidate forum. This is very important for Roseland residents because often Roseland is an afterthought to elected officials. Only one former elected official was at the event and no current elected official from either the city of Santa Rosa, or from the County, attended to hear the concerns of Roseland residents. Former 5th district Supervisor Ernie Carpenter was at the event as well as an unsuccessful candidate for the position this year, Tim Sergent who has said he intends to stay helpful to Roseland. 

This is mentioned because after three years of recent discussions about annexation of the Roseland County Island, and three decades of intermittent discussions, between Santa Rosa city and Sonoma County officials about the annexation of Roseland it still has not been completed. As a matter of fact, the Joint City and County Roseland Committee has not even met for close to a year now, though they originally promised the public they would meet every three months. At a 13 October meeting about the Roseland Village Plaza, being planned in conjunction with the Mid-Peninsula Housing Development Corporation, there were a number of Roseland residents and former Roseland residents including 5th District County Supervisor Efren Carrillo. When asked about the Roseland subcommittee and Roseland annexation Mr. Carrillo would only say “be on the look-out for something” in the next couple of weeks. 

On Saturday Oct. 15 from 12 noon until 1:30 pm a number of Santa Rosa City staff including the city Manager Sean McGlynn were at Roseland Elementary School to hold a Town Hall meeting. This meeting was held by the city Community Advisory Board (CAB) to talk about Capital Improvement Projects possible in Roseland’s future. When asked about annexation Mr. McGlynn would only say “something” may be made public in a couple of weeks. At the meeting the Santa Rosa Director of Transportation and Public Works, Jason Nutt stated, “The city is taking on Sebastopol Rd. now”. To find out what this may mean you can contact Mr Nutt at 707-543-3810, 

The Santa Rosa City Council appeal hearing on the Redwood Gospel Mission proposed 250-bed Homeless Shelter, proposed for Roberts Ave., was quietly taken off the October 11 agenda. No word was given to the community beforehand as to why the application process is delayed. It has been stated off the record, the project was not “in contract” any longer. Now another group is seeking to buy the land at the old Shamrock Cement Batch Plant. They are calling themselves the “Gateway Coalition”. The Roseland Specific Plan went to the Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday Oct. 18 and requests for rezoning of land at Roberts Ave. were still part of the discussions.

But if the road alignment requested by the Redwood Gospel Mission is now not needed Roseland residents are left to wonder what is really going on with “plans”. On Monday 17 Oct the day before the hearing Santa Rosa Mayor John Sawyer was speaking with members of a local citizen’s advocacy group “Santa Rosa Together”. When asked about Roseland Annexation he also stated, there may be something to announce in the next couple of weeks. With the upcoming elections only weeks away and Roseland residents uncertain of their future Supervisor, now is the time for Roseland Review to ask when will be the next meeting of the Joint City and County Roseland Subcommittee? The sooner the better for Roseland residents considering the last meeting of the “quarterly” committee was held almost a year ago on Nov. 19, 2015.