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Radioland - KBBF 89.1 FM Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County

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Radioland - KBBF 89.1 FM Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County

by Edgar Avila

Big Win for Bilingual Education in California

Did you know, that according to a study produced by the Global Financial LitAs we all continue to absorb the idea that we are all living in TrumpLand now, Let’s remember that there were a few bright spots for voters in the California election. One of the biggest was a return to bilingual education for students in California. Prop 58, known as the English Proficiency, Multilingual Initiative passed with over 70% of the vote. Here at KBBF, ya sabemos que es un orgullo ser bilingue, and we are pleased that the state has recognized the importance of a multilingual education in its public schools. In fact, there is a growing recognition that knowing multiple languages is an asset given our global economy. Being able to express oneself in more than one language is a true delight that more people should experience. KBBF is proud to be the first, bilingual, community, radio station in the country and will continue to bring you the best bilingual radio in the U.S. Tune today to 89.1 fm.

Other Good News from the Election

Dr. Mariana Martinez was elected as a trustee to the Santa Rosa Junior College Board, and, given the fact that the SRJC is an Hispanic Serving Institution, it is important that its leadership represent the students who attend it. Felicidades, Dr. Martinez. Also, this election brought us the country’s first Latina Senator, Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada), whose grandfather immigrated from Chihuaha, Mexico. Darenn Soto became the first Puerto Rican to represent Florida in the House of Representatives and in New York, Adriano Espaillat, became the first Dominican American elected to the US Congress. And finally, back in Northern California, Jesse Arreguin became the first Latino Mayor of Berkeley, California. Felicidades at todos! 

Please Support KBBF Bilingual Radio in December

There are a lot of ways to support KBBF this December, starting with Giving Tuesday on November 29th. Just go to our website at and click on the big, red, donate button to support community based, bilingual radio. Without your support there would be no KBBF Radio. Speaking of websites, we plan to roll out a brand new one this December, with lots of new ways for us all to connect. You’ll hear a lot more about the new website (and new URL) when you tune in to 89.1 KBBF through December 2nd through 12th for our last (we only do two!) fund drive of the year. Support your favorite KBBF programs and get a copy of the US Constitution as a thank you gift (among other items). KBBF is 100% listener supporter and you know that in TrumpLand we need more, independent, community, media more than ever. 

Also, on December 29th and 30th, we will be rolling out our social media giving campaign (sponsored by the NFCB) and ask you to Give Big to Your Station during the very last work days of the year. This 2 day, social media giving campaign, will mark the end of our special 2016 year-long matching period, where all our financial donations (up to $50,000!) will be matched by one very generous, very anonymous, donor, so por favor, support KBBF radio today in the giving month of December.  Your money will be doubled and it will go twice as far!

KBBF is Streaming on the Internet

Did you know that you no longer have to be in our 18 county signal area to listen to KBBF Radio? Simply go to our current website at and click on the LISTEN NOW button! Tell your friends who may no longer live in the area that they can once again here our sound over the internet. And stay tuned for our new website which launches in mid-December.

Finally, a Big End-of-Year Gracias

To the KBBF Board, Alicia Sanchez, Michaele Morales, Santos Molina, Alan Bloom, Caroline Bañuelos, Josué López, Lisa Maldonado and Alicia Roman for all their hard work during this past year. A big thank you to all our volunteer programmers, gracias for all the great music, information and commentary you all bring to make KBBF such a special place. And finally a special shout out to all the volunteers who worked with me during this past year, Alvino (Elroy) Valencia, Esther Gonzalez, Judy Elliot, Jill Ramirez, Dwight Jones, Sally Del Rosario, Yesenia Velazquez Garcia, Javier May, Lisa Pesch, Maria Elvira Garcia, Karla Zavala, Solomon Gebreysus, Israel Velasquez Munoz, Patricia Regla, Julio Lucas, and Alberto Mendoza.

A special shout out to the volunteers who helped found our nascent KBBF News Department this year, Francisco Lozano (no relation to Jesus Lozano), Karen Nyhus, David Ransom, David Janda, and Edgar Avila. Special thanks to our translators, Josué López, Julian López, Cesar Barragan, Argelio Giron and to our news readers Nora Villanueva, Judy Elliot and a few of our KBBF programmers who were always ready to step up in a pinch. Despite the November surprise, it’s been a wonderful year. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo a Nuestros Radioescuchas!