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Monte Rio Musings - Chuck Ramsey - December 2016


Monte Rio Musings - Chuck Ramsey - December 2016 

As another year comes to an end we should be thankful for the good things that happened this year, the progress we have made on several fronts, and look forward to a bright new year. We can’t always control the future, but we can work to improve it. On the national level we can demand that the progress made over the past eight years is not reversed. We also have the majority of Americans on our side to support us and to protect us. America has never been so divided. I understand where the opposition comes from. I will not however be discriminated against by my secular government to pacify some religious fanatics. If there is any good news to come of this, it is the new mobilization on the left. I don’t see progressive change occurring over the next few years, but I’m also cautiously optimistic that the damage won’t be that pronounced either. We will have to be engaged to make sure of that. One good outcome of the election was legalization of marijuana both in CA and other states. The CA proposition was not the best, but again, once the critical mass has been obtained, major setbacks are very difficult to enforce down the road. We have accomplished a lot in the last few years on a local and national level and we should be proud of that. 

On the local level, we had two candidates running to serve our district. I want to thank Noreen Evans for her efforts, and look forward to working with Lynda Hopkins on the many issues we have to deal with in our community. Issues such as Low Flow, Roads, Blight, Addiction Issues, Homeless, Air Quality, Wastewater Solutions, Economic Development, etc. I also want to thank Efren Carrillo for his service to our community. We have not always agreed on everything, and that’s OK, but Efren has always been there for our LGBT community and we would not have repaved roads in our downtown area without his efforts. Thank you my friend. 

Last month I wrote about PACE financing and clean energy upgrades. Since that time our Air Quality Board has announced enhanced incentives to switch out wood-burning stoves for cleaner alternatives. Higher rebates are now available for change-outs to pellet and gas stoves and for the first time for highly efficient electric heat pumps. I have purchased one, but it is not installed yet. I will let you know how it goes. There are also additional rebates for Russian River residents and for lower income folks. A low income Russian River resident can get up to $6,000 in rebates. There are also income tax credits through the year end. Now that’s good news!

Another successful initiative has been the roll out of Nextdoor in our area. Last month, the Nextdoor neighborhood Leads were able to convince Nextdoor to expand our nearby neighborhoods so now you have the option of posting to your neighborhood, or posting to all neighborhoods from Rio Nido to Cazadero. Yes, we were able to beat their algorithm! We currently have almost 100 members in Downtown Monte Rio and over 600 River-wide. One River, One Voice. If you haven’t already joined I recommend you do, and remember if you do not receive mail delivery at your residence you will need to be invited by a current member or contact me, as you will not be able to be verified otherwise.

Monte Rio Recreation and Park District is holding a Holiday Craft Fair 12/3-4 at the Community Center. Shop local!

Monte Rio Chamber is accepting donations for Holiday Food Baskets for our school kids.

Russian River Alliance is holding a Give Back Tuesday at Rainbow Cattle Company 12/20 for last minute gift ideas and some holiday cheer.

I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful and progressive community. We will continue working on resolving our local and national issues in a civil and respectful manner. In the meantime, I hope everyone takes time to enjoy the best gifts of the holidays: spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. 

Vacation Wonderland. We just keep getting better.