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Finding Balance During the Holiday Season

Finding Balance During the Holiday Season

by Christi Corradi

(Excerpt from The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day by Christi Corradi)

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” ~ Thomas Merton

What Is Balance? 

When thinking of balance, we often imagine a set of scales. If we fill one side of the scale more than the other side, the filled side becomes “weighted down” or unbalanced. It is the same thing in life. If we put too much attention on one thing, such as our work, then we can become unbalanced.

Wholeness in regard to our personal selves is the balance of all aspects of our selves. There are six aspects of our lives that we can examine:

  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

When we spend a focused moment truly looking at our lives, we will notice in what areas we are too “heavy,” and then we can work on ways to find balance.

A Funny Story

My father told me a story once about when he was in Ministerial School, long before I was born. He and a few of his fellow students were invited over to his professor’s house. His wife cooked chicken and they were all sitting around the table chatting, when the wife exclaimed, “Henry, oh, these ingrates! Look at them, they are eating the meat and leaving the bones! How ungrateful!” The students all stared at each other and were dumbfounded and embarrassed. Then the professor and his wife began to laugh, and the professor said, “I just wanted to point out to you that what we professors are teaching you is just like this chicken: you take what you can digest and throw the rest out.”

So Keep What Works and Leave the Rest

 Creating balance in our lives is much the same; we need to remember to throw out what we don’t need in our lives and make what we can use work towards our good.

Finding Balance During the Holiday Season

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One Way to Look at Your Life Balance

 The Wellness Wheel workshop is not only great fun, but also insightful!

We explore 12 aspects of our lives, such as communication, relationships, eating, etc., and use a measuring system to measure out these beautiful ribbons, then assemble them in a beautiful hanging representation of these aspects.

From this, we could take a look at what we might be giving too much or too little attention to. The point was not to excel in all areas of our life, but to live a balanced life and one that is by design rather than default.

But as we do this self reflective work to improve our lives, it doesn’t matter if it is fun, or crafty, or serious and deep – what is really important is our intention as we come to this work.

This group coming to do this work has strong intentions of personal growth, and from their sharing, the insights of this workshop will provide us with some personal insight.

If you are in the Sonoma County area and would like to make your own Wellness Wheel, register for the workshop on Friday, December 2, 2016.

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