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2016 Petaluma Bounty Program Accomplishments

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2016 Petaluma Bounty Program Accomplishments

We at Petaluma Bounty have been very busy in 2016 and we wanted to share some of our accomplishments and program developments with you! Here is a short list of accomplishments as we look back on the growing season. Thanks to our community, we are continuing to work hard at our goal of Healthy Food for Everyone!

Education and Engagement

School Trips and Service Learning

  • Service learning: 10 groups, 120 participants
  • School trips: 12 groups, 300 school children

Healthy Living and Nutrition Education

  • ALIVE: 16 sessions,  22 families, 85 Free Food Bags

Job Training, Skill Building, and Volunteer Program 

  • Youth Employment: 5 youth employed
  • Internships: 8 summer & fall interns
  • Summer Community Workshop Series: 4 workshops
  • Bounty Farm Volunteer Hours (Production and Sales Outlets): 1287  

Food Access

Production & Donation

  • Pounds of Food harvested from Bounty Farm: 6,500 lbs
  • Pounds of Food Donated to local food banks by Bounty Farm: 700 lbs

Farmer's Market LIFE (From January-September)

  • Amount of incentives distributed through LIFE Markets: $36,411 
  • Amount of CalFresh distributed through LIFE Markets: $47,158 
  • Number of CalFresh transactions: 2620
  • Farmer's Market Tours for CalFresh customers: 16

Farm stand and Farmacy Totals

  • CalFresh Sales (50% discount): $1205.22
  • Discounted Sales (30% discount): $1928.13

Bounty Hunters Gleaning still calculating and harvesting

To learn more about Petaluma Bounty's many program to feed people healthy food to nurture their bodies and lives, please visit their website: