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Springs Splash - November 2016 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - November 2016 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

Important Election Day Information


November 1 – Last day to apply for an absentee ballot.
November 5 – If you haven’t mailed your mail-in ballot by this date, take it to a polling location or the County Election offices on November 8!
November 8 – Election Day! Noviembre 8 – Dia de elecciones!

Polling Places For Springs Residents

Faith Lutheran Church - 19355 Arnold Drive

Flowery School - 17600 Sonoma Highway

Sonoma Valley Grange - 18627 Sonoma Highway

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church - 16290 Arnold Drive

Remember: If you have a mail-in ballot and have not mailed it by Saturday, November 5, take it directly to a polling place on election day (Nov. 8) or to the Sonoma County Election Offices, 435 Fiscal Drive, Santa Rosa. 

Key Local Issues & Candidates Affecting Springs Voters

Read your ballot arguments and local publications for arguments and recommendations. 

Measure E - $120,000,000 Bond measure for Sonoma Valley Unified School District students

Yes Recommendation: Sonoma Valley USD School Board, 

Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee

No opposing recommendation filed

Measure J – ½ cent sales tax for County Regional Parks

Yes Recommendation: Sonoma County Conservation Action, North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Friends of Sonoma County Regional Parks, Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee

No recommendation: Sonoma County Taxpayers Association

Measure K – Community Separators – Preserves Open Space around urban areas in Sonoma County

Yes Recommendation: Oakmont Progressives, Greenbelt Alliance, Sonoma County Conservation Action, North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee

No opposing recommendation filed

Measure Y – 1/8 cent sales tax for libraries

Yes Recommendation: Sonoma Valley Democrats, North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Oakmont Progressives, Sonoma County Conservation Action

No Recommendation: Sonoma County Taxpayers Association

State Assembly District 4, including the Springs: 

Cecelia Aguiar-Curry (Demo), Charlie Schaupp (Rep)

Sonoma County School Board, District 1: 

Jason Carter, Gina Cuclis

Sonoma Unified School District Board of Education: 

Gary De Smet, John Kelly

Guest Letter To Editor – Housing In The Springs!

The following letter appeared in the Sonoma Index Tribune (10/11/16). 

‘All renters are living in fear’

EDITOR: Today, I am literally grieving because when I went to the Fruitbasket to do my weekly shopping, Luisa was gone. And why? Her rent had been raised and her family, including children who had been attending El Verano and Altimira schools, could no longer afford to live here and moved to L.A.

It’s time to call out the real estate industry, rental management companies and landlords. We no longer want to hear excuses: “It’s a free market.” (No, it’s a greed market.) “It’s what the market will bear.” (What about what is fair?) By the way, there are a few landlords who are refusing to gouge. 

Our local politicians are talking the talk, but dragging their feet. Countywide, at least (Supervisor Susan) Gorin has tried to address the issue. Every day I drive by the hovel which was on the I-T’s front page listed at $310,000. Anyone desperate enough to want to live there would not qualify for a loan. Probably someone will buy it or tear it down and build a vacation rental. The 1 percent and tourists will get the housing, while the local residents and workers will live intents on the pot-holed side streets. 

Everywhere I go, people are talking about this. All renters are living in fear. The anger and depression are palpable. Do we really want all the Luisas and the rest of us forced out of the Valley?  I hope and pray not. 

Gael del Mar
Boyes Hot Springs 

Ed. Note: Prior to being forced to move to L.A. due to high rent, “Luisa” and her family lived in a five home compound on W. Spain Street, Sonoma. The residents were evicted earlier this year to make way for the current new construction on W. Spain Street.  

Mark your calendar – November 8, Election Day – Polls close at 8 p.m.! People often arrive at the polls to vote AFTER they have closed. Make your voice heard! Vote early!