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Forestville - The Good Life - November 2016


Forestville - The Good Life - November 2016

by Richard Naegle


Now is the time...and your vote does make a difference. Don’t abdicate your voice to the demagogues and nay-sayers who want you to continue to feel helpless and stay quiet. Yes, it is disgraceful what the two party system has delivered to us this year on the national level. Yet, we are fortunate to live in a democratic society where at least we can fight against the special interests that try to dominate (and frighten) our society. Be sure to read the fine print of ads to see who in fact is paying for and supporting the candidate or cause. 

Locally, I recommend voting for candidates who have a clear history of public service, who have hands-on experience with the issues that challenge the County, who have experience working with the system such as it is, and who have a track record of getting things done.

I encourage you to support our Regional Parks by voting Yes on Measure J. All its funds are dedicated to the Parks for maintenance, improvements, and programs. Funds cannot be diverted for other purposes, are in addition to current funding, and will be overseen by an independent citizen board; annual audits will ensure every penny is used for voter approved purposes. I also urge Yes on Measure K to renew the community separators which have helped preserve the character of our County for many years. 

Now it’s your turn to decide and act – VOTE! November 8 is election day. And then we can all celebrate that the election finally is over. Whew!

Meanwhile, the County Board of Supervisors has agreed to extend the public comment period on plans to permanently reduce summertime flows on the Russian River. The new deadline is February 14, 2017. 

Holiday Tree Lighting

One of the greats delights of living in a small town is when we gather to light the Town’s Holiday Tree: Sunday, November 27, 4 pm to dusk in the Downtown Park. When my wife and I first moved to Forestville, this was the event that let us know/feel that we truly no longer lived in an anonymous urban area. Santa Claus, singing, hot cider, cookies, hanging out with neighbors, meeting new friends – what could be more fun? El Molino music groups and the Methodist Church often add joyous music. If you feel like it, bring a plate of your own cookies or treats to add to the table. Thanks again to our wonderful Chamber of Commerce for hosting this event. Hooray! Santa is coming!

Farmers’ Market

Our first season of the Forestville Farmers’ Market at its new location in the Downtown Park ended in October. I’m sorry to see it over – it was such a delightful event each week. Again, many thanks to Chris O’Neil and Russian River Vineyards for sponsoring the Market and to Mary Rand its hard-working and very creative Director. 

Conversations have already begun about the Market returning next year. As Chris O’Neil said, ‘It all depends on whether or not the people of Forestville want to support it.” If you are interested in seeing the market continue, contact Mary Rand:

Bits and Pieces

The Holidays: Let’s all remember the wonderful holiday gifts, treats, and foods that are offered in our local businesses. Check the Pharmacy again, or the Service Station for unique gifts; Nightingale Breads for your succulent breads; local tasting rooms and wineries for gift wines; or a special holiday meal at Russian River Vineyards, Backyard, Canneti’s Italian Roadhouse, or Twist Eatery

Forestville School and Academy: 11/20, Holiday Window Painting by students for in-town businesses. 

United Methodist Church: The annual Craft Faire is on November 5th from 9am to 2pm offering lots of lovely home made crafts plus yummy home made pies, whole or by the slice. 6550 Covey Road, 887-2020 for more info.

Food for Thought: hosted its annual and marvelous Calabash fundraiser In October. Thank you Food for Thought for your wonderful work in the community.

Fridays in Forestville: its second event, celebrating the fall bounty, was held on 12/14 and featured three tasting rooms; Wine Guerrilla, Jigar, and Joseph Jewell where one could enjoy a glass of wine perfectly paired with a light snack from Canneti’s Roadhouse Italiana, Backyard Forestville, and Twist Eatery. Wonderful!

Hollydale Clubhouse: Sunday 10/30 from 9-noon, the last “Last Sunday of the Month” Breakfast of the year featuring Eggs Benedict, a neighborhood fav. You won’t be disappointed! $10. Also, 1st & 3rd Thursdays 10/6 & 10/20 @ 7pm Hollydale Table Tennis at the Clubhouse...all levels welcome. (Need a venue for Thanksgiving or small holiday gathering, give the Club a call 887-0330.)