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The Goddess Storybook by Patricia Dines


The Goddess Storybook

By Patricia Dines 

In these challenging times, how can we nurture and empower ourselves and others? I offer for your consideration my beautiful new spiritual storybook, The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess.

With this timeless tale, written for people of all ages, I invite readers to join a sweet and sad goddess as she gets a mysterious call to go into the forest. 

As her journey unfolds, she experiences playful and meaningful moments, feels her heart’s sadness healed, reconnects to her core divinity, and discovers the place where all hearts join together in the mystery.

Each page of this beautiful, full-color, hardcover book is illustrated with my lush original artwork, enhancing and giving another dimension to the experience. The result is an enchanting book that’s both a nurturing treat for oneself and a treasured keepsake gift for others. 

I’ve been so moved to hear how people are being deeply touched and inspired by it. Also, because this book contains no particular religious dogma, it can be enjoyed by people on a wide range of spiritual paths, or none.  Plus, while it’s appropriate for all genders, this tale can be especially meaningful and healing for women and teenage girls, supporting our deep knowing of the divine beauty at our core.

Something deep within us resonates to a story well-told. It can connect with, and impact, our core selves in ways deeper than just concepts and words. But too often the stories in our culture encourage us to suppress our authentic feelings and self, aspire to perfect superficial beauty, and hide in a protected cynicism that leaves our sweetness unexpressed. So I’m thrilled to be able to offer people a chance to experience a joyful journey of authentic heart and divine connection.

What a difference it can make when we can connect with these beautiful parts of ourselves, especially at this time in our culture and our history. The story in this book was given to me by Spirit in a special and powerful way in 1998, at my first Bioneers Conference in San Francisco.  Since then, I’ve been on my own journey to illustrate and gently polish this tale. I share my experience of creating this book in its Appendix, to further enrich the story and inspire others on their own creative journeys.

Now, as I watch this story go out into the world, I’m so grateful and honored to have helped give it form.  You can learn more about this book, and see a flipbook preview, at That site also has a list of local stores that carry the book and information about ordering it online. Quantity discounts and wholesale pricing are available. 

“This Goddess story is more than a story to entertain. It gives insight to the core of us as divine creatures. Thank you is an understatement. This book is truly a gift to the world.— Paula Pearce, Author & Illustrator