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Sign up for SoCo Alert


Sign up for SoCo Alert

The County of Sonoma is asking the public to sign-up to receive emergency notifications from the new system called SoCoAlert. This new technology will allow local authorities to directly warn residents and business owners in the event of an emergency when action must be taken to protect life and/or property. These emergency notifications can be delivered to regular landline telephones in addition to mobile phones, text messaging, email, social media, Voice over Internet Phones (VoIP), and TTY/TDD phones for the hearing impaired. SoCoAlert messages will come directly and immediately from local police, fire, and emergency operations centers. Cutting out the middleman results in faster notification with information you can rely on. 

SoCoAlert is being used only in the event of emergencies, alerts, and warnings. All notif! ications are specifically focused on taking action to save lives and/or property. These alerts can be specific to streets, neighborhoods, or regions so that residents in affected areas are sure to receive imperative information, even if they are away from the area.

All residents are encouraged to sign-up online at or by phone at 707-565-1369. Download the free app from CodeRED and receive notifications wherever you are. For more information on the SoCoAlert notification system, registration or answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the website at