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Friendly Competition to Help End Hunger in Sonoma County

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Friendly Competition to Help End Hunger in Sonoma County

On Wednesday, October 19th, two Sonoma County businesses will compete at the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) packing food boxes with shelf-stable pantry items to help feed our neighbors in need in the REFB’s first ever Corporate Throw-Down Challenge. A long-time supporter of the REFB, Pisenti & Brinker LLP will challenge Mike Hudson Distributing to a food-packaging showdown - the P&B Crunchers versus the M.H. Food Fighters - in a battle to help end hunger in our community. 

“Pisenti & Brinker is excited to be the first company to launch this program for the REFB. I hope it is a financial blessing moving forward, and fuels the REFB’s mission to feed the hungry,” said Corporate Throw-Down Challenge organizer, and Director of Client & Community Relations at Pisenti & Brinker, Jodi Shubin.  

Each month, the REFB handles nearly 1.3 million pounds of food, and distributes thousands of food boxes, filled with healthy staple foods, to our neighbors in need. Food items are carefully selected to meet the nutritional needs of seniors, individuals managing diabetes, and families facing food insecurity. The REFB depends on volunteer support to help sort and prepare these boxes for distribution. Corporate philanthropy, as demonstrated by Pisenti & Brinker LPP and Mike Hudson Distributing, not only brings teams of employees together to strengthen and serve our community, but in a matter of hours, helps put food on the tables of hundreds of our neighbors facing hunger.  

“Community engagement and supporting our neighbors in times of hardship are values embedded in the foundation of our company,” said Diane Moore, Marketing Manager with Mike Hudson Distributing. “Over 350 food manufacturers reside here in Northern California, with a majority based right in Sonoma County. One of the most important issues facing this four billion dollar industry is finding solutions to end hunger in our communities. Through the contributions of the many food manufacturers in the North Bay, we collectively work toward this goal.” 

The two teams will face-off in friendly competition on Wednesday, but their goal is the same – to help the REFB prepare thousands of pounds of food for distribution, ensuring 82,000 of our neighbors experiencing food insecurity have continued access to the nutritious foods they need to thrive.

Fuel the Mission of the REFB

Promote workplace camaraderie, generate corporate goodwill, and position your company as a leader in hunger-relief in Sonoma County by sponsoring a Corporate Throw-Down Challenge at the REFB! As a sponsor and a competitor in a Corporate Throw-Down Challenge, you can Fuel Our Mission to end hunger in our community and provide hope to 82,000 of neighbors struggling to keep food on the table. Sponsorship fuels the vehicles needed to get food to our neighbors facing hunger, and provides the critical, nutritious fuel our community needs to thrive. Contact REFB Corporate & Community Relations Manager, Jen Oberti, at 707-523-7900 x123 or to learn more about this unique sponsorship opportunity, and help Fuel Our Mission to end hunger in our community.