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North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - October 2016


North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - October 2016

Ohhh SNAP! Is it really October? OK time to consciously slow down! Everyone breath in deep, hold it to clear your mind, and now breath out taking in the beautiful fall colors we have on our coast. Enjoy the smells as you walk in the dry grasses taking in the colors of the sunrise, enjoy the sounds of the waves as you visit the ocean, and give a hug to our awesome redwoods. Grandiose – really. We are so blessed to live here with these gifts. For the next month or two our coast seems to quiet itself. Do you agree? We are all getting into our grove as we come upon the winter. Our socks become wanted on these chilly mornings and our cozy quilts become more welcomed in the evenings. Do we take our coat with us – or leave it hanging on the hook? And most importantly what happened to the summer!

Trying to accept that it is now October, little plans for gatherings start to creep in. Just when we think all the big to do’s are over new events are around the corner. Let’s start with the Fort Ross Harvest Festival. Apple picking in the oldest historic orchard north of San Francisco, along with Russian folk songs being shared by people who have ancestry in Russia singing from their soul, who dress in beautiful clothing, and just by their grace bring peace to the orchard. It shouldn’t be missed. Bring your own small bag as the fruit takings are limited. You park in the Fort Ross SHP parking lot, pay the special event fee, and shuttles will take you to the orchard and then bring you back to the fort compound area where you can enjoy pumpkin carving, rope making, basket making and candle making along with other crafts to witness. Russian songs and dance will be shared in the fort, along with baking in the indoor ovens, old farm equipment will be on display in the Call Picnic area and food is available. For more information visit the web at 

In Gualala we have ‘Taste of the North Coast’ hosted by the Gualala Rotary at the Gualala Art Center, The David Comfort and Tim Windsor Wood Furniture and Sculpture Show starting October 1 opening reception from 5pm to 7pm, The Native American Arts Exhibit and Expo starting October 7, a Gumbo Fest, Dan Brubeck Concert, and more. 

I want to offer a shout out to the Point Arena Lighthouse Executive Director Marc Hancock and his staff for creating the upgraded unique lodging opportunities right on the coast at the historic Lighthouse. They have the romantic feel if that is what you are wanting, or the fun getaway ‘I want to hike’ experience, or the exploration feel to get out and about to see all the hidden local gems in our area. They have great rates and fun events at the Lighthouse. The ‘Full Moon’ tours are generally sold out so get reservations now. To book lodging or for special events visit their web 

October 1st is International Coffee Day ( I like that) and World Vegetarian Day; the 16th is World Food Day (good all around), October 22nd is National Nut Day (who knew), with the best being National Chocolate Day ( I am in) on the 28th. This alone can create a month of good times with friends and family. And let’s not forget Halloween with young and old getting costumes on allowing us to bring out our alter ego! Pace yourself as we get ready for the holidays. Take in each day and do something nice for someone random with an open heart. Welcome Harvest Time.