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Medical Marijuana for Seniors


Medical Marijuana for Seniors

By Rob Nendahwaab

On Thursday Sept. 15th, Mitcho Thompson, of Peace in Medicine, gave a presentation on “Medical Marijuana” at the Russian River Senior Center. The program was attended by approximately 16 seniors & the usual spattering of west county odd balls.

Thompson began by giving a brief history of the prohibition of marijuana (cannabis) in American. Just as you’ve always suspected, cannabis was made illegal at the urging of the American Medical Association (AMA), the Drugs, Explosives & Alcohol administration (DEA) & the pharmaceutical industries. The DEA needed a job after the prohibition of alcohol was repealed. Pharmaceutical corporations knew they couldn’t make money off anything they couldn’t patent. The AMA supported the prohibition of cannabis because it delegitimized almost all other schools of medicine (many are nature based) that where practiced in the US up to then and it gave them power.

Cannabis has been recognized for its medical properties since ancient times. Due to suppression of research for almost a century, the benefits of medical cannabis are currently vague. Here are some things we know.

There are two types of cannabis, with many hybrids focusing on desirable attributes being developed constantly. They share many qualities, but their differences are striking. Indica makes you extremely relaxed, is sedating, and fights pain better. Sativa gives you an energy boost, can help with focus and creativity. Narrative evidence shows Marijuana cures some types of cancer, makes the quality of life better for sufferers of some cancers & other diseases, eases symptoms of several neurological diseases or conditions, eases seizers, & just makes people feel good.

Thompson brought samples of products offered by Peace in Medicine including bud, tinctures, eatables, oils, etc. He presented a brief overview of uses of various items they offer which range from cosmetics to cancer cures.

While Thompson provided a great deal of info on Cannabis as medicine, an attending “guest” provided some real excitement by claiming that he had cured his cancer using Concentrated Cannabis Oil (CCO). Diagnosed with 4th stage prostrate caner a year ago, he was told by his doctor & the main stream medical profession, that because of the advanced stage of the cancer, they couldn’t do anything for him, he only had two months to live & he should put his affairs in order. He began doing CCO as soon as he had the diagnosis, using a method called tacking (absorption). Within six months he was cancer free

According to the “guest”, THC (the ingredient that gives feelings of euphoria) kills cancer when applied in very high doses. Besides being hard to find & expensive, it can take weeks of buildup before the full dose can be reached. Unlike chemo, the side affects are mild, you simply sleep a lot. Patients will experience some mild euphoria, disorientation and a major lack of energy.

Reliable info on cancer & cannabis is hard to find. There are hundreds of claims of cancer cures. Much is antidotal and first person. The forums found at 420 Magazine (WWW) are reasonably informative. Tip: read the first six or ten pages of the thread before jumping to the end to get the latest “News”. Most of the 1,000+ pages are people asking about things that were answered in the first 10 pages. The “guest” suggested that the threads on making Concentrated Cannabis Oil and methods of using CCO to cure cancer, are very helpful. Green Leaf and YouTube are really good sources of info. Thompson stated the American Cancer Society also supports the use of cannabis in treating cancer and has some reliable information on their web site.