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Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - October 2016


Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - October 2016

Living in Geyserville you can set your watch – or your calendar – by the grapes. Earlier in September I stood at my doorway late one night and could smell the rich scent from grape must wafting past me on the midnight air. The romance of being a relative newcomer to the Alexander Valley wine country is alive and well. After all, Geyserville’s official description is “The Wine Capital of Sonoma County”. But some of it is not quite so romantic – on another night, I jolted awake at 3am to what sounded like an rumbling invasion accompanied by blazing, flashing lights. The first influx I missed, but I could already hear another on the way. This time, I could see a pair of squared-off harvesters accompanied by a couple of trucks going slowly and noisily along Geyserville Avenue. Apparently that brix-perfect moment for harvest had arrived at one of our local vineyards. Several more harvesters passed before the night was through. 

Here at Isis Oasis Sanctuary, the surviving vines planted by our foundress Loreon Vigne’s partner Paul Ramses produced a great harvest of grapes, all without a drop of irrigation water. However, we didn’t really intend to try dry-farming. Last year, the vines were empty, apparently finding the drought conditions a little too much to bear on the dry-farming side, and we’d basically given up on them. But the rains earlier this season seemed to be enough to stimulate these neglected old vines to produce a wonderful bounty. Next season we plan to pay a bit more attention!

The big event this month is the annual Fall Colors Festival & Vintage Car Show 2016, held on October 30th. This fun event features vendors, food, street decorations and an increasingly popular vintage car show.  It’s free to attend, but if you want to grab a vendor spot or enter a car in the competition, go the the page for registration forms and other details.

Foodie Moment of the Month

This month’s foodie moment is mostly anticipatory. Over at Coppola’s, I got the chance to chat with Maureen while she was offering tastes of The White Doe, one of the wines offered at the new Virginia Dare winery in Geyserville. I’d spotted a notice of a job fair for a “new restaurant” at the winery and asked her about it. The opening date is intended for late October and while Maureen couldn’t reveal any menu secrets just yet, it seems safe to assume that the winery which is devoted to early American – and pre-American – history will carry that theme right over into its food. While I love our Italian-infused choices, Diavola and Catelli’s, here in Geyserville, I’m looking forward to enjoying some more variety.

Here’s a foodie moment that can be enjoyed right now – the Beer, Wine, and Spirits Festival October 8th at the Geyserville Grill sponsored by the Geyserville Lodging Association. VIP ($75) and General Admission ($35) tickets are still available at Eventbrite for this first-time ever event, and a few tickets may be available for purchase at the event itself. Participants include deLorimier Winery, Sonoma County Distilling, and many others.  If you still need more of an incentive to go, a portion of ticket sales supports the Geyserville Educational Foundation. 

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