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Guerneville Groove - October 2015


Guerneville Groove - October 2015

by Beth Rudometkin

Thank you to all who wrote letters and attended the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting on September 13th to protest or question the Fish Flow Project! Because of you, the Sonoma County Water Agency Board will consider adding additional hearings and extend the comment period for the Fish Habitat Flows and Water Rights Project! We need to keep this movement flowing, like our River, in order to protect those of us who live, work and enjoy life on the lower Russian River. On October 4th at its regular board meeting, the full Board will consider the proposal to add more time to the current 60-day comment period and to schedule public hearings in lower and upper river locations. Pending Board approval, the new comment period and additional hearing dates will be posted on the Water Agency’s website, on October 4th. Our groovy residents and merchants livelihood is at stake as well as the health of the lower Russian River! Our community, as always, will band together and our voices shall be heard!

Our groovy community is known for coming together not only for the good times, which will be listed at here momentarily, but also in times of tragedy. We have had a lot of tragedy and heart ache recently, and our hearts and prayers go out to those families who have recently lost their loved ones. Please, please, slow down out there and be careful! Remember our roads are very slick this time of year when the fog rolls in or morning dew hits the pavement that has been saturated with oils from our vehicles over the dry summer months. Check your tires; if they are bald and you cannot afford to replace them with new, go see they guys at Country Tire. They have great deals on good, used tires. 

There are a few changes in the works in our groovy town for those who are interested… what is happening at Rose’s River Jewelry? There is some sort of transformation going on, but at press time, they were not ready to share. While you are out and about, stop by and chat with the new peeps that are busy working on this project! Have you attended MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) recently? We welcome the newly installed Rev. Norma Gann, Sr. Pastor to MCC Redwood Empire! Rev. Gann is passionate about justice issues and equality; she has worked in ministries/outreach to the Transgender Community as she feels the GLBTQAI community needs to know someone cares for them! She loves to serve God by loving and caring for all God’s creations! Rev. Gann identifies as a Two Spirit Cherokee and loves to be outdoors, hiking, fishing, kayaking, anything to do with Mother Nature. Well, she has come to the right place! Please join me in welcoming her to our groovy community! MCCRE welcomes you to worship at the Odd Fellows Hall every Sunday morning, located at 16219 First Street.

I finally received the full list of Give Back Tuesdays being held at the Rainbow Cattle Company! Please join your local beneficiaries every Tuesday for food (only $5 per plate), raffles and fun auctions! The Rainbow always donates 10% of the bar intake, back to beneficiary as well; also, you might see a “Sister” or two, joining in the fun! Upcoming beneficiaries are as follows: 10/4 Pegasus Theater, 10/11 Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Project, 10/18 Face to Face, 10/25 ArtWalk.

Speaking of ArtWalk, remember the First Friday of every month is the ArtWalk, held all over our groovy downtown! The Blue Door Gallery will be celebrating, not only their 4th Anniversary, but it’s also Doug De Vivo’s 60th Birthday party! Doug offers a fun time every ArtWalk, with a “craft project” for all who walk in the door. It’s a lot of fun to participate and get to know new people, while creating your own work of art. And it’s free! There will be numerous receptions around town at many of our local studios, so please get out and walk, while enjoying your local artists!

On October 14th, the Blue Door Gallery will be hosting the performance of the play, Last of the Red Hot Tenants. This is a groovy new play about rent-control heroine Jean Herman, written and performed by our very own Lois Pearlman. Check it out at 7 pm!

Do you have groovy news you would like me to share with our readers? Bring me your information at Community First Credit Union on the corner of Main Street and Armstrong Woods Rd or email me at