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Marketing 101 - Keep Your Customers Coming Back


Marketing 101 - Keep Your Customers Coming Back

By Elizabeth Slater

You hear a lot of talk in marketing and advertising about “selling the sizzle.” Many marketing minds believe you must have something exciting to draw the customers in. In the most part they’re right. Your products or services must meet a need your target audience needs to fill. 

Though once you get the customers in the door you had better have something to back up that sizzle. Too many times the sizzle is all there is. There is no quality products and good customer service behind the sizzle, which leaves the customer feeling disappointed and somewhat duped. When you do a great job selling the sizzle, you increase the customers’ expectations at the same time.They expect an exceptional product with exceptional customer service, be ready to give it to them.

Once you know you have good products or provide a good service for consumers, everything else about creating and retaining loyal customers goes to back to how the customers’ are treated. You may have the best products or services in the world but If you want to be successful you have treat your customers well. Treat them as if there is no one in the world more important than them. Let them know regularly how much you appreciate them and what they mean to you. Most people want to feel as if they are important to the people they choose to do business with. The more special your customers believe they are to you, the more special you will be to them. They will then tell other people about your products and/or services. This will translate directly to the bottom line.

If you put effort into selling the sizzle, which will attract new customers, put the same amount of effort into backing the sizzle up with quality products and great customer service. Once you have got them in the door, you want them to come back again.


Do you actively seek referrals from your current customers (especially good customers)? If customers are in your store or using your services, chances are they have friends or acquaintances who could benefit from doing business with you. 

Set up a system for asking for referrals, not only through the business, but also through your newsletters, shipments and any other way you contact your customers. Make it worth your customers’ while to provide you with referrals. If a customer provides a referral and that referral buys from you then offer the original customer special pricing on his or her next purchase, or a free t-shirt, tote bag or other incentive. You will be amazed at how much additional wine can be sold to referrals. 

Have card printed up and put in your place of business, or carry them with you if you go to the customer. The card should have space to write the name, address, phone and e-mail address of a referral. There should also be a space for the name of the customer who referred them and the date. Whenever customers buy from you ask them if they know others who would be interested in your porducts or services. If the answer is yes ask them to fill out the card and tell them about the incentive you are offering if the person they referred makes a purchase.

Your good customers are an excellent source for finding new customers. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Bring A Friend

 If you are planning a special event for good customers, encourage them to bring a friend. 

You make sure that the original customer is treated as a valued customer in front of the friend they bring with them and offer a warm welcome to the friend.


Work with other businesses who may be lookinf for the same types of customers. You refer customers to them and they refer customers to you. If you have a clothing shop work with a shoe store. Work with charities, though remember that charity begins at home. You are more than willing to help the charity and there are things that the charity can do to help you, but sending something out to their list of donors, or mentioning you name, etc.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Media releases are a cost efficient way to promote your products, location and events. Do not deluge the radio or TV station, newspapers or magazines with information but choose your most interesting events, or unusual products or services to write up as a media release and send it out to the media. There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by letting them know who you are, where you are and what you do that is of interest to their audience. 

If you are not good at promoting your business or don’t have the time then hire someone to do it for you.