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Springs Splash - October 2016 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - October 2016 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

Thoughts, Feelings, and Insights…

“Live In The Springs?” Local Residents Express Themselves!

My recent bicycle tour from Verano Avenue to Agua Caliente Road produced interesting responses from people along the way.

Eric Reyes, Sonoma Valley High School Student: In Mr. (Ryan) Scott’s English class we’ve studied about the mineral waters that brought popularity to the springs area. Fetters Hot Springs was an important center for locals and tourists. I think the idea of a plaza for activities is a good thing. 

Christian Villasenor, Beacon Gas-Food: The affordable housing should be good. People need help with rents. Working families can’t get by in the Springs. Maria Colin: I like the new housing. I’m really pleased with the paving of Happy Lane - no more bumpy road. Fine people for parking in bike lanes. 

Alex Marquez, SVHS Class of 2016, Mary’s Pizza: The environment has changed with the improved roads, community colors, and lights. It feels safer to walk around at night. The wine country atmosphere is coming back. 

Kelly Williams, Bela Rado, Total Computing: Traffic is too great. When the housing development is finished it will be that much worse. There is a big difference between people living in town and the springs. Infrastructure in Sonoma isn’t built as well compared with Napa County. 

Jennifer Huston and son, Jessiah, Rancho Viejo Restaurant: Jessiah wants to fish the Russian River. 

Linda Miller, Palms Restaurant: The springs is becoming more  congested. While raised in South San Francisco, I like El Verano with its small homes. It’s safe in the springs. 

Javier Montiel, Mixteca Bakery: I like the highway improvements, sidewalks and lighting. My four year old daughter is in the new Head Start program. It’s a helpful program for young children. 

Samuel Villasenor, Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park: There’s too much traffic on 12. Caliente Road improvements are good. I’ve lived here 42 years and the people are friendly. The exercise people are great. It’s very quiet here in the Mobile Home Park. Most people stay a long while, our newest residents have been here for around five years. 

Linda and Tony Enz and grandson, Old Sonoma Pub: My family has lived in Sonoma for years. I was born here. The new low cost housing will increase traffic congestion that’s already great. People shouldn’t park in  Highway 12 bike lanes. The skateboard park is great for our grand kids and we look forward to the opening of “Sonoma Splash” at Paul’s property. 

Alison Finch, Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County: Every month the bookmobile visits the Fiesta Shopping Center. Everyone is welcome to take up to three books free. Our goal is to get books into homes without books. Please donate books. The Bookmobile is privately funded by the Sonoma County Public Library Foundation. Tarah Douglas, Librarian, El Verano School, visiting the Bookmobile, “It helps promote reading and assists our Reading Workshop at El Verano School.” Bookmobile Director Glen Weaver, says there is a great deal of book recycling, people return books and bring replacements. For visit schedule, see

Azalea Cross, SRJC, and Peyton Wisdom, Hanna Boys Center, Barking Dog Coffee Roasters, New sidewalks for kids makes it a lot nicer. “Oh, a springs plaza, yes! It will make everything more attractive.” Young people do their homework at the Dog. Peyton, a journalism major, was told by Michael Flaett, an expert witness in consumer cases, that working with a mentor is a great way to learn journalism. Flaett went on to note that traffic lights in the springs lack on demand sensors and therefore traffic backs up needlessly.

Trevor Smith, Sonoma Valley Fire Station, Agua Caliente, Yes, together with Cal Fire, we have a fire plan for the east side of the valley. We serve jointly with the City of Sonoma Fire Department. The Mid-Pen housing development has been reviewed and inspected. Medical calls are more frequent than fire emergencies.

David Iniquez, El Brinquito Groceria, Most people like Rico Martin’s chicken. We think the new sidewalks lights, and highway are great. The exception is parking. Businesses along Highway 12 lost parking spaces.    

Anonymous, Rico Martin could put up beautiful murals on those large white buildings across from the Dollar Store.