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Cotati Heart & Soul - Deborah Taylor-French - October 2016


Cotati Heart & Soul - October 2016

by Deborah Taylor-French

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain

Of course, it would be a three-day national holiday, when the idiot light comes on in the van indicating we have a flat tire or a low air pressure. Big shout out from me to Marvin and Peter at Wheel Works in Rohnert Park for inspecting my mystery leak in a front tire on Labor Day Monday. I am hoping they were well paid!

Measure Q will keep Cotati a handsome country town 

In Cotati voters will be voting for three City Council members out of six candidates, and one ballot measure, Measure Q. If approved by a majority of Cotati voters, Measure Q will renew Cotati’s existing Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) for the next 30 years.

 Urban Growth Boundaries define the extent of urban growth of a particular city, protecting the surrounding greenbelts of agricultural land and open space from urban sprawl. Cotati’s existing UGB was first voted in by 71% of the voters in November, 1998. If approved by a majority this November, it will renew the existing UGB until November 2048. Measure Q is supported by Greenbelt Alliance and the Cotati City Council. Full details and a map are viewable at

Measure K Community Separator Protection to keep Sonoma County beautiful  

Sonoma County’s Measure K, the Community Separator Protection Ordinance, is the companion county-wide measure, designed to protect greenbelts around and between the cities. For 20 years the Community Separators, first voted in by over 70% of the voters, have helped to maintain the distinct characters of each of our towns and cities, and prevent urban sprawl by protecting the farmlands and open space between them. Measure K prevents sprawl into the greenbelts by requiring a vote of the people before intensifying current land use and zoning in Community Separators. 

Measure K will protect a total of 53,576 acres of open space and farmlands from overdevelopment – at no cost to taxpayers. Measure K, if passed by a majority of the voters, will preserve open space, family farms, waterways, drinking water, groundwater and recharge areas, wildlife corridors, hillsides, and woodlands for the next 20 years. It also offers clean air, water, and climate resiliency. 

For all of us concerned about helping to solve the housing crisis: affordable and low income housing advocates agree that housing needs to be provided within city boundaries where there are already city services – water, sewer, gas, electricity, public transportation – protecting surrounding farmland and open space for the benefit of all.

Further details including maps are available at 

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Stones Throw Gifts and Books has moved

The move is to south of Charles Street. The shop stands among the small shops in the Frog Song retail building (red and yellow) on the east side of downtown. Go see them. I got an affordable last minute gift just a few weeks ago. Never too early to pick up a few holiday gifts and enjoy wrapping them early. I’m usually last minute, so when I see some item a loved one could use or enjoy, I buy it.

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