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Bodega Bay Beat - October 2016


Bodega Bay Beat - October2016

by Joan Poulos

Summertime has slipped by. Children are back in school, crab season is over, fishermen are still having a tough go but working hard. As much as we love it out here, the fog gets a little old. It is nice to see the sun, and especially nice when the wind is not blowing. The last few days have been lovely and although we could surely use some more rain, the heavy dew has watered the garden well.

The path part of the Bodega Bay Coastal Prairie Trail & Elizabeth Burko Bridge was dedicated August 19. The trail is much loved and has been well used for the last few months. One benefit of taking Yoga at the community center is that you can see all the hikers and trail users (and dogs that are allowed to roam unleashed). The community garden is still flourishing; the weekend farmers’ market has had lovely tomatoes and peaches. The season is all too short.

It is definitely the era of elections. (November 8—VOTE!) Both of our candidates for Supervisor took the time and made the arrangements to come out into the district and talk to us. Both meetings were well attended; one at the Grange and one in the Secret Garden. The attendees at the Grange were very vocal about what they wanted done (all those in favor of a crosswalk across Highway One by the Grange, raise your hands).

Both candidates are sincere; both are interested in county government, especially land use planning. One thing you have to say about Lynda Hopkins is that she is tough. She was rear-ended on her trip over and she just carried on with the program. The Secret Garden is a living testimony to the Freemans. Both Junior and Donna are now dead, but the lovely garden they created lives on and each time we see it we are reminded of how much they loved Bodega Bay. It was a good move by Noreen Evans to have her meeting there. We all love it, and no one was more political than Donna Freeman. I don’t think Mike Thompson ever had a local wine tasting event without Donna’s organizing and hosting it. We miss her.

The whale docents are gearing up for the annual event. The Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods will be meeting Saturday, November 5 at the Grange for their yearly organizational meeting. Kudos to Norma Jellison who, as usual, is instrumental in keeping this program going. The annual passing of the whales is an event that helps make Bodega Bay the unique place it is. It takes real commitment for the watchers to go to the Head every Saturday and Sunday morning during the season and monitor the many, many people who come just to see the whales. Fortunately they have developed a gentle way to request that viewers (many in shorts and tee shirts) keep their young children away from the edge of the somewhat crumbly Head. It also takes the ability to bite your tongue when you are asked for the third time exactly what time the whales will be by and where is the best place to stand to feed them.

(I failed last year when I told the group from Los Angeles who demanded three times to know what time the whales would be by. I said that I had told them to be there by 1:30 but they were running late that day). Usually the docents are more patient than I was.

Bodega Bay is lucky to have so many artists in residence. The Art shows are always excellent and the Artists in Residences program is unique. The talent shows early, apparently. The wonderful watercolors that have decorated the Grange for the last few months were all done by the Primary school students at Bodega Bay School. We have always said they were not for sale, but John (the wonderful organizer) now says that if you find one you want to buy, call the school. Apparently some of the children now would like to sell their masterpieces. John Hershey, our photographer without equal) has a nice show at the East West Café in Sebastapol and has donated his talent to film Fisherman’s Chapel for their web page.

Our local yoga class is small, but mighty. We have students from all over the area, including some visitors. If you want to know what is going on in Bodega Bay, drop in and join us sometime at the Community Center. We meet at 9, four days a week. One of our teachers, Anne Oliver, is facing more surgery. We send her our best wishes. We are grateful to Vickie Dufton, our regular teacher, who drives from Petaluma to share her knowledge with us. Thanks to them both. Last week we had an unique event; more men than women. Come share a stretch with us. Some members bring their dogs and take a walk down the Prairie Trail after class.

Our good news on the four-legged front is that a river otter family has established a domicile in the Rail Pond. Have a look, but don’t disturb them if you are lucky enough to see them. Same goes for the migrating birds. My house fortunately has a good view of the migrating birds; pelicans today; geese tomorrow. We see lots of ducks, even this early. Even though I belong to Ducks Unlimited (to help restore wetlands), PLEASE don’t shoot the ducks. Every year we hear shotguns when hunters go out into the bay to hunt. Our residences are WAY too close for comfort (there are some very erratic hunters).

Tired of the political election ranting, in desperation I looked to Abraham Lincoln. “Freedom is not the right to do what we want, but what we ought. Let us have faith that right makes might and in that faith let us; to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” Quoting my father (who sent us off to school with this) “Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose firm and dare to make it known.” I think this applies to candidates and football players, too (and in case you wondered, “I’m with Her”). But VOTE...