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Petaluma International Film Festival


Petaluma International Film Festival

Petaluma International Film Festival celebrates its 8th annual event from October 28 to 30 at the Boulevard cinemas with a selection of feature and short films from around the world. The 'Sonoma Showcase' is a program to support the local filmmakers with their latest films. This year, Running Wild, with Sharon Stone, which was made locally, directed by Alex Ranarivelo, and executive produced by Ali Afshar, who grow up in Petaluma, will be premiered at the festival. The other notable film which has a local

 connection is Ed & Pauline, about the legendary film critic of The New Yorker, Pauline Kael, who was born in Petaluma.

The festival presents a wide range of genres from fiction, documentary, music, animation and everything in between from around the globe.

The participating countries are: USA, UK, France, Canada, India, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Iran, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Nepal….

Some highlights: on immigration, the hottest topic in the presidential election this year, Indivisible, puts a light on the children of illegal parents who were deported and left their children behind…a documentary on the rise of hardline Islamist groups called A Pact with The Devil, a complex history of British collusion with groups remarkably similar to today’s ISIS…. FREIGHTENED – The Real Price of Shipping, an audacious investigation on the perils of cargo shipping, which holds the key to our economy, and our environment…. Rebel Citizen, on the master cinematographer Haskell Wexler, veteran artist and social justice activist…. Let's Dance to the Rhythm, a well-crafted musical which its music actually shaped the music of Bollywood cinema…. Borealis, a movie about a father who tries to show his daughter the magnificent Northern Lights with a volatile bookie [Kevin Pollak] in hot pursuit….

Tickets will be available online at the festival website: and at the Boulevard cinemas in Petaluma.