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Santa Rosa Election Update

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Santa Rosa Election Update

In the November Presidential Election, Santa Rosa voters enacted Measures O and N, extending an existing, voterapproved revenue source to maintain core City services while updating a public safety measure to reflect current budget practices.

City Manager Sean McGlynn said, “Santa Rosans value their quality of life and wish to extend local funding, that can’t be taken by the State, to maintain our services and community. We look forward to continuing to keep the public informed and engaged on these ongoing budget and service delivery issues.”

Over the last five years, Sacramento has taken over $25,000,000 from Santa Rosa. Measure N funds will allow Santa Rosa to continue to address the long-term impacts of those takeaways while maintaining essential City services for an additional eight years. Measure O’s enactment allows the City to base its minimum public safety funding formula on the 2016 budget, rather than 2004 budget, without reducing the minimum spent on public safety today.

“Santa Rosans identified, as priorities, the outcomes addressed by these measures – continued quality of life services and appropriate fiscal planning – in two separate community surveys conducted earlier this year,” said McGlynn. “This election outcome allows the City to continue to address services we know our constituents want – such as infrastructure repairs, homeless services, affordable housing projects, public safety services, and prevention programs to keep kids safe.”

Measure O will continue to require strict accountability over City funds, including Independent Citizen’s Oversight, mandatory financial audits, and yearly reports to the community to ensure the funds continue to be spent as promised to voters. By law, all funds from both measures are required to stay in Santa Rosa and cannot be taken by the State.

Visit for more information about Measures O and N and other election results.