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Meet Sebastopol City Council Candidates

Meet Sebastopol City Council Candidates on Sept 28

FORUM, Sept 28: The Grange will sponsor a non-partisan Sebastopol City Council candidates’ forum Wed., Sept. 28. The doors will open at least by 6 p.m. and the presentations are scheduled to start at 6:30. The Grange Hall is at 6000 Sebastopol Road, also known as Highway 12. People are welcome to arrive early and stay after for a while to extend the conversation. Co-moderators will be Grangers Lawrence Jaffe and Hrieth Pezzi. Admission is by donation. All are welcome, KOWS producer Arnold Levine has volunteered to broadcast it live and moderator Barry Chertov post it to his website. Updates and further information from organizer Shepherd Bliss at


In No Particular Order: 

Sebastopol City Council Candidate Neysa Hinton

Neysa HintonThis is an important job in the City of Sebastopol since it guides what it will become in the future. By working together we can keep the heart and soul of Sebastopol thriving while we retain our small town charm and character. 

My priorities are protecting the environment while investing in our infrastructure, and creating affordable housing so our children can remain where they were raised. I want to encourage alternative forms of transportation would like to bring back a recycling redemption center.

I have served our community launching the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market, and the “Learn to Swim” program at Ives Pool. I grew up in Sebastopol and my children attended public school K through 12. I’ve held management positions am currently the Executive Director for an Assisted Living Facility for the elderly. Contact me at or find out more go to


Sebastopol City Council Candidate Michael Anthony Carnacchi

Michael Anthony Carnacchi: Small Business Owner for 23 consecutive years, as a cobbler and boot-making workshop on Main Sreet. Director-Sebastopol Downtown Association where I have been an active member since 1994. 

I am running for Sebastopol City Council in order to be a catalyst in the creation of innovative ways to increase City revenue, improve downtown quality of life, attract locally-owned businesses that provide essential necessities, and mitigate traffic and parking concerns.  

I regularly attend City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and General Plan meetings and I understand the challenges and opportunities facing Sebastopol. I seek to employ this knowledge to develop policies that benefit our environment, strengthen our sense of community, maintain a school district attractive to young families, and ensure that our children can afford to live here. I am recognized as a citizens’ advocate who stands up for economic and social justice, listens with an open mind &  integrity, and with the greater good of our community always in my heart.



Sebastopol City Council Candidate Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Greenberg: I am running for City Council because I love our town, and can think of no better place in the world to raise my two young children. For me, the gift of living here also brings a responsibility to demonstrate to my children, family, and community that it is possible to preserve and continue the high quality of life we enjoy here by advocating and participating in community-responsive government.

I have become increasingly concerned about our ability to provide the essential local public services that we have long enjoyed. Starting with the closing of our library on Mondays, and continuing with the full-blown crisis of the sudden closing of Palm Drive Hospital, it seems to me that an unnecessary erosion of our quality of life is occurring.

 It’s obvious that it is time for a change. I am running for office to provide our City with new “leadership for the public interest.” I bring decades of experience to the table – with a strong background analyzing and managing budgets as an investigative financial reporter for Forbes magazine, as a Policy Director for the New York City Council, and as a successful business owner.


Craig Litwin Sebastopol City Council

Craig Litwin- Write In Candidate I've Been Mayor twice and a two-term Council member (2000-2008). Giving back to our community makes a tremendous difference! 

My previous terms strenghtened the city and forged statewide models, I supported marriage equality, mandatory green building, medical-cannabis regulations, afforable housing, safely walkable/bikeable streets, restoring native habitats like the Lagna, and local nonprofits and businesses. 

But to keep Sebastopol a the cutting edge, there's more to do. Do you, like me, feel that humankind is in transition? Climate chage is real. Economic instability isn't going away. We must be resilient, cooperative, agile and contet with fewer resources. 

My wife and I are exdited to have our daughter starting Analy graduated in '94 and our boys in Brook Haven. I was raised here and understand what we have been, are, and can yet be. 

I'll work to strenghten Sebastopol's economy and build affordable housing. During my previous terms, I approved twelve municipal solar projects, two afforable housing projects, imporved crosswalks and bulb-outs, and improved our parks. 

My Goals for Sebastopol:

Affordable Housing - I support an intelligent combination of affordable housing, appropriate infill, and mixed-use development. 

Walkability and Bikeability - I support making the town more walkable and bikeable, which makes it safer, more pleasant, and greener. 

Balanced Budgets - I support balancing the budgets and saving money for a rainy day - like the one that arrived in 2008.

Parks Expansion - I support expanding and enhancing our park system, City Hall, Sebastopol Regional LIbrary, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sebastopol Skategarden, and more, and always with edible and navtive landscaping. 

Local Business - I support local businesses, which give our town its district  character and help our small comminity thrive. 

Take my Sebastopol Survey at:

I'd appreciate your vote. Thank you! You'll need to write in "Craig Litwin" AND fill in the box next to my name to vote for me.