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Rio Nido Magic - September 2016


Rio Nido Magic - September 2016

by Elena Chronis

Autumn/Fall Fast Approaching

Where did the time go? Have you noticed the change in weather? I love this weather. It’s so romantic to snuggle in the mornings with my honey. I gotta say fall is my favorite time of year with the chill in the air, change in color of our trees and vineyards changing to warm yellow tones and burnt orange. It’s back to school for the kids, vacations coming to an end and Indian summer fast approaching for us to enjoy. Halloween decorations are all over the stores already signaling that Halloween is approaching. If you are planning a costume and/or party, giddy-up ‘cause before you know it we are on the fast track to October.

National Night Out

National Night Out was a huge success this year in Rio Nido. The Roadhouse contributed food and the Friends of Rio Nido  bbq’d hamburgers and hotdogs for the crowd to enjoy. It was helpful to have our local fire department and our local sheriffs in attendance. Many questions and concerns were addressed at this event. Our Community in RN has overcome many obstacles and our first responders are aware of issues this neighborhood has had in the past. Things have changed for the better all around RN. Change is swift and the general feeling in RN is one of growth and movement towards the future. Our local sheriffs can be seen driving through Rio Nido every day. It’s nice to know that they care about our little slice of heaven.

No Tolerance

As a river resident we are all very aware of the trailer and motor home issues that have been going on for years. Broken-down trailers and motor homes filled with trash show up in our river neighborhoods abandoned and left for the rest of us to deal with. We had such an incident two weeks ago in Rio Nido. A fifth wheel trailer showed up in the middle of the night (when people are sleeping) and was left on a neighbor’s private property. (How very sneaky) – left when no one can see... The very next morning, neighbors gathered and discussed the absolute lack of morals and nerve to just dump this monstrosity on a friend’s private lot. The property owner was notified of this. Our local Sheriff came out and said he would handle the situation and he meant what he said. He contacted said owner of the fifth wheel and it was removed by said owner the very next day. Now, that’s team work. The Cmmunity has spoken.

FRN/HOA/Art Show

The FRN meeting last month was a productive one. Marsee Henon is the new President of FRN. John Uniack has retired as President and is focusing on his post at Russian River Rec & Park District. The RNHOA is having its final summer chicken BBQ on Sunday, September 4th beginning at 4pm for food and libations. Come on down for this Labor Day weekend gathering. Fun times for all. A big thank you goes out to all of our local artists who came out for the Rio Nido art show last month. It was wonderful to see so very many talented local artists come out and share their works of art with the rest of us. This year attendance at the Art Festival was quite impressive. Pee Wee Mini Golf will be open on Labor Day weekend, but will be closing shop for the winter in the coming weeks. Thank you Doug Misner, Beverly Bird, the HOA gang and the Rio Nido Roadhouse for providing so many fun activities for our Community this past summer.

Rio Nido Pet of the Month

Lolly (aka) Lollipop is a newbie to Rio Nido. She was adopted from Jessica’s Haven and Rescue in San Rafael, CA.  Lolly is a brown/tan thirteen week old Chihuahua.  She is a tiny girl and loves to play with all her new siblings. She is still getting her puppy shots and should be done with them shortly. She is the youngest of her new family starting with Jesse James, Minka, Zeus and Roxy. Lolly loves to sunbathe as most chihuahuas do and enjoys her weekly bubble baths. For a little itty bitty she has loads of energy and loves to shower her humans with lots of kisses. Let’s give Lolly a big RN Welcome!