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Penngrove Station by Lyndi Brown - September 2016


Penngrove Station  - September 2016

by Lyndi Brown

Hawaiian Shirts and Tiki Time – Sept. 10

Who doesn’t love a taste of the islands in your own backyard? Get your hula happening at the 7th Annual Hawaiian Luau on Saturday, Sept. 10 at Penngrove Park.  I love this end-of-summer ritual. Is it the Kalua Pig, Hawaiian style chicken Hawaiian dancers and music or the whole gestalt? And, you could be the lucky winner of a five-night Hawaiian vacation for two, with air and car.  Raffle tickets $10 each or 6 for $50. The event is a  Penngrove Social Firemen fundraiser to improve and maintain the Penngrove Park. Social time is at 4:30 pm, with dinner at 6:00 pm, at the park, 10800 Main Street. Get your tickets in advance (help us get a head count) at JavAmore Café, or call Kim Hanson at 707-794-1516 to charge by phone: $25 adults; $10 children ages 6 to 12 are $10, and free under age 5.

Our Water System
With thanks to Rick Savel for providing background:

If you have a well, you may not know many of us are hooked up to the private Penngrove Water Company. Neighbors have been talking about the high delivery and water fees (remember, we don’t have to drill and maintain wells). The water service fee is high and considerably higher than other private water companies for several reasons. 1) there are very few users to offset the huge capital costs of under grounding all new 6 to 8 inch main pipes throughout the service area. The fewer the number of users, the higher per user fee to pay the cost of the infrastructure. 2) When the current owner bought the water company the entire system was derelict and needed a massive overhaul. If you can believe it, along Adobe Road from the Petaluma Hill/Adobe Road intersection to past Davis Lane the water main was an old 3/4” galvanized pipe. In the summer we were lucky to get a constant dribble at times, it was really, really bad in those days. 3) The new owners have borrowed huge sums of money to replace and upgrade all the sub-standard water supply mains which are now capable of providing consistent fire hydrant flows. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like a high water bill but the majority of the bill is to service the debt of upgrading the entire system. I’d rather pay more and have good reliable water service than pay a lot less and have an inadequate old 3/4” pipe with very poor flow. All the rates are approved by the PUC which considers the owners reimbursement for the huge capital outlay to upgrade the entire system. As the saying goes, we don’t get something for nothing! Hope this information answers your questions.

Loud Music Anyone?

Our Nextdoor social media site exploded with comments about loud music disturbing the peace. Some say it’s from SOMO Village, others say the Green Center. On closer inspection, private party sound levels are through the roof. The culprits seem to be in various parts of the area. One comment suggested forming a posse to chase the music. This has merit, if we can document exactly where and when it’s happening, we can address the matter. I opened a Loud Music Study Group section of Nextdoor, and hope people will work together to get just the facts, Mam. 

Haslam Wins More Awards

Congratulations to Gerald W. Haslam’s book Grace Period (published by University of Nevada Press, 2006) for winning The Eric Hoffer Award in the “Legacy Fiction” category. The category refers to books that have endured beyond the initial flash. According to Haslam, “When Grace Period was published a decade ago, its first major review (in Publishers’ Weekly) was lackluster, which led the press’s publicity director to virtually abandon the novel’s promotion. Over the years, it has collected a string of good-to-excellent reviews but not much of a following. I’m especially grateful to the Hoffer Award committee for granting it a second chance.” 

And there’s more! Haslam and co-author Janice E. Haslam just learned that Leon Patterson: A California Story, “our 2016 biography from Devil Mountain Books in Walnut Creek has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Hoffer’s “Culture” category. 

Penngrove Market 

Work has begun on rehabbing the building. Owner Martin Sessi hopes to get a market in there after the first of the year. Hooray!

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