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Senior Services From Head to Toe Provided by Palm Drive Health Care District


Senior Services From Head to Toe Provided by Palm Drive Health Care District

Seniors in the West County and Russian River communities are finding new programs offered to help their general health and well-being.  The Russian River Senior Center and the Sebastopol Senior Center are partnering with the Palm Drive Healthcare District to provide a variety of services, including monthly blood pressure readings, melanoma screenings, fall prevention classes, geriatric depression classes, and depression screening, along with senior foot care.

For those who are able to bend with some flexibility, it might not seem that foot care, which is more specific to toenail grooming, would be necessary.  But for many elders who have a difficult time bending, a lack of toenail trimming and grooming can lead to problems that affect a person’s ability to remain ambulatory.

Simple daily routines go a long way toward preventing larger problems associated with the feet.  Daily cleansing and care to dry the feet prior to placing them in a shoe can mean the difference between toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and other problems associated with the feet.  A simple inspection of the feet can catch potential problems caused by small cuts and sores on the feet.

According to Palm Drive Health Care District Executive Director, Alanna Brogan, “We are delighted to bring this program forward. Our past conversations with seniors throughout the district gave us a better understanding of the services needed to make lives more healthy and enjoyable.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our local seniors.”

Seniors who are diabetic, have failing eyesight, or lack flexibility are the primary people targeted by the foot care program being offered.  Residents from Sebastopol west to Bodega Bay can check with the Sebastopol Senior Center at 167 N. High Street, Sebastopol (829-2440).  Residents from the Russian River area can be seen at the West County Community Resource Center at 15010 Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville (869-0618).