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Roseland Review - September 2016 - Duane Dewitt


Skid Row in Roseland?

by Duane De Witt

ALERT! The Redwood Gospel Mission project to slide Skid Row over into Roseland is on the Santa Rosa City Council calendar for Sept. 20, 2016 after 5 pm in the City Council Chambers, SR City Hall, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue. The Appeal hearing will allow public comment. But you need to arrive early as the Redwood folks will pack the meeting with non-Roseland folks trying to take up most of the allotted time. The city council will then limit comments to probably just two minutes each. So perhaps send in written comments first, or arrive early and sign up to speak first.

Write Mayor John Sawyer as well as City manager Sean McGlynn, by way of City Clerk Ms. Daisy Gomez.

Also the Roseland Specific Plan is going forward to the Santa Rosa Planning Commission on Thursday Sept. 8 after 4 pm. This is a very important meeting because what the commission decides can influence the city council. Zoning for even unincorporated areas in the Roseland County Island is going to be put into place for the Santa Rosa General Plan. “The public meeting is scheduled for the Planning Commission meeting of September 8, 2016, at or after 4 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue.   At this meeting the Planning Commission will be asked to take action (in the form of recommendations to the City Council) on certification of the EIR, adoption of the Specific Plan and associated amendments, rezoning and prezoning.” If you have questions please contact Ms. Jessica Jones, Tel. (707) 543-3410 | Fax (707) 543-3269

Midstate Construction has begun changing the face of west Roseland forever. The formerly rural residential area of south Burbank Ave., a “rural respite” from Santa Rosa for over a century, is now having a 79 unit low income housing development built next to Sheppard school off Liana Dr. The road will be extended through to Burbank Ave and the area will never be rural again. At the Roseland School Board meeting on Weds. August 17, 2016 held at Sheppard School some board members were happy for this because they want to build a new middle school on the site of the recently completed Roseland Creek Elementary School. The school has over 350 students now in a new school year and some board members want a middle school to add hundreds more.

As of the time of publication the three census districts making up Roseland, which are named, Roseland, Roseland Creek and Sheppard, stand at the very lowest level of the Sonoma County Department of Health Services Portrait of Sonoma County Human Development Index (HDI). There are close to 15,000 people in those census districts and now elected leaders such as the Roseland School Board and Santa Rosa City Council with the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors want to move in even more people. This could make matters even worse for existing Roseland residents because there is no guarantee any of the new housing units to be built in Roseland will be for Roseland residents.

All affordable housing built with tax payer funding CANNOT be allowed to have a current resident preference for existing community members. Housing units are allocated by a lottery system and anyone entering from anywhere has as much chance to live in the new housing built. This will hold true for the new housing currently being built on Dutton Ave. at the old Fouche’s junkyard, now to be called Paseo Vista as well as the over a hundred housing units to be built at the Roseland Village site on Sebastopol Rd. Add to this the close to a hundred units to be built on Sebastopol Rd. at Boyd St. in the Village Station housing site and we could be talking close to a thousand more residents moving into Roseland. Plus this doesn’t count the hundreds of drug and alcohol rehabilitation homeless folks the Redwood Gospel Mission hopes to move in here.