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Springs Splash -September 2016 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - September 2016 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

Mark Your Calendar – September 10! The Springs Festival!

Supervisor Susan Gorin and a cast of hundreds invite residents and visitors to attend “The Springs Festival” on Saturday, September 10. Festivities begin at 1 p.m. with a ribbon cutting at the Boyes Plaza Center celebrating the completion of Highway 12 construction.

Following ceremonies there will be a walk and bicycle parade to Flowery School and on to Larson Park. There will be activities for everyone as well as food, contests, and much friendship. Parking is limited at Larson Park so please use Flowery School or elsewhere. 

The event is sponsored by “Sonoma Valley Connect,” a broad based coalition of every non-profit organization in the Springs and Sonoma Valley.  Among the coalition sponsors are the Bicycle Coalition, County Regional Parks, County Economic Development Board, Springs Community Alliance, La Luz Center, Sonoma Valley Community Health Center, Sonoma Valley Hospital, Nuestra Voz, and Art Escape. Those riding bikes will be eligible to enter a Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition drawing to win a new bike or bike helmet.   It’s anticipated that the Festival will become an annual event.  

Calendar Daily Reminder, Sept. 10:  I must be certain to attend this day of fun in the Springs at Larson Park! 

Juan Zaragoza, A Man Of Many Talents!

Physical Trainer at the Springs Gymnasium!
Juan Zaragoza is the proprietor of Sonoma Valley Fitness Center (17465 Sonoma Highway), a gymnasium in the center of the Springs. Wish to increase your upper body strength? Eliminate a bit of a budge? Visit Juan’s workout center across from the Teen Center. There is plenty of parking in the rear. 

Each member of the Center receives Juan’s individual orientation to the Center. Offerings include cross training, treadmills, free weights, and other body sculpting activities. Juan provides individual instruction and assistance. Membership is open. Initial fee is $70, the first and last month’s dues of $35 per month. Currently there are approximately 150 student and adult clients at the Center from across the Valley.  Hours of operation are 5 a.m. – 10 p.m. (M-F), and 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Saturday), and 8 – 3 p.m.  (Sunday). 

Industrial Arts With San Quentin Inmates!
In addition to his proprietorship of the Sonoma Valley Fitness Center, Juan Zaragoza travels daily to San Quentin to teach and work with inmates from 6 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Juan uses his fifteen years of experience in construction to assist inmates learning trades. Under the watchful eyes of guards, Juan and eight or ten fellow workers instruct prisoners how to repair rooms and facilities at California’s major penal institution.  Prisoners are paid a small sum for their labor. 

Media Attention!
Among his many talents Juan has written articles in Sonoma Magazine and other publications. He has been a spokesperson for Univision, Channel 14, and has been featured in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Juan Zaragoza is a grand example of one of the many fine small business owners that operate in the Springs. Zaragoza has great praise for the highway improvements and upgrades occurring in the Springs. He says the changes have brought new customers to the gymnasium. Need a workout? Go to the Sonoma Valley Fitness Center (17465 Highway 12). Juan will help you.

A Family Affair
Juan is assisted by his wife, Blanca. They have three children. A daughter attends Sonoma Valley High School and a daughter and son are middle schoolers at Adele Harrison. 

Potpourri: SMI is still quiet about the future of the Big 3….Harvey’s Doughnuts is rumored to be looking for space near the El Verano P.O…..The Girl In The Fig may be pondering an opening in the Springs….Facebook, read about The Springs Festival 2016….Try the delicious scones at The Barking Dog….Sonoma Valley Demos to open office at 393 W. Napa Street Sept. 1, all are welcome….Voting by mail begins October 10…. Voter registration deadline is October 24….The Citizens Advisory Team met in late July, re., the Springs Specific Plan with focus on traffic, parking, housing, and safety.  Next meeting is likely in October….School is open. Offer to help for a day….What does Mr. Vailetti intend to build on Hwy12?