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Monte Rio Musings - Chuck Ramsey - September 2016


Monte Rio Musings - Chuck Ramsey - September 2016 

It’s been a busy year. Looking forward to the slower pace of low season. The River has two new developments. The first is AutoCamp, the upscale glamping Airstream park which recently opened at the former Spooner’s location. A great re-use of the property. I’ll be trying it out this fall. The second is the Surrey Resort and Gym being developed at the former Estate next to the Guerneville Park & Ride lot. It’s going to be a luxury RV Resort with a gym open for membership. It will have the largest heated pool in Guerneville. Imagine not having to drive to Santa Rosa to work out with the flatlanders anymore! 

Our area is changing for the better. People and businesses have discovered our secret place in the beautiful redwoods. This is good for our residents, our property values, and our livelihoods. It results in pride in where we live. Consistent with change is making sure we retain what makes us special. We do not want to lose our character and become another Healdsburg. With community involvement and oversight, we can make it work. We have Russian River Design Guidelines in place to ensure we also don’t become an ugly suburban strip area. We can address the negative impacts of tourism while enjoying the benefits we get from showcasing our area to others. We have the ability to do it right. One group, the Russian River Alliance, will be further assisting in that regard by addressing local issues such as Low Flow, the proposed raising of the TOT (hotel, vacation rental bed tax), and traffic issues from major events. We have new residents and businesses with different expectations. Instead of longing for the good old days gone by, they see the potential of today and tomorrow and are working hard to make it happen. We have come a long way since last winter and it will only get better with continued responsive support and assistance from our governmental partners.

While we have seen changes throughout the area, downtown Monte Rio still needs the Pink Elephant and the Rio Theater to be viable and operating successfully, whatever it will take to make it happen. I am pleased that this year our Chamber, Recreation and Park District, Fire District, and the Alliances, are working together for the greater good. 

Downtown Monte Rio has been very successful. It allows us to communicate concerns and solutions to issues that effect us, as well as other adjoining River communities. It is the best source for the latest information on events, public meetings, trade referrals, crime and safety information, lost pets, etc. It also a good way to get to know your neighbors better. Remember that if you do not get physical mail delivery at your residential address, you need to get a direct email invite from an existing Nextdoor neighbor or contact me for an invite to be able to easily register and join.

Monte Rio Recreation and Park District would like to invite our families and friends to have their holiday parties at the Monte Rio Community Center this fall. We have the best community center in the River and encourage residents to enjoy it. Contact Jean at 865-9956 or to start planning your holiday fun.     

The School Board has just hired Superintendent Ross Bickford and Principal Nate Meyers to replace Jennifer Schwinn. A welcome reception will be held at the Chamber’s next mixer at the Rio Villa Resort on September 15th.

Last but not least, Cuts on the Green has a second chair and new barber, Barry Moore. I’m sure it won’t take him long to catch up on what’s going on in and around town with Robert’s help! 

Vacation Wonderland. We just keep getting better.