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Gleason Beach Highway 1 Road Repair starts Week of August 15


Gleason Beach Highway 1 Road Repair starts Week of August 15

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will begin road repair on a section of Highway 1 near Gleason Beach in Northern Sonoma County. Earlier this year, Caltrans closed the southbound lane due to substantial erosion of this coastline road. Caltrans expects the highway to open back up to two lanes within 6-8 weeks. One lane of the road will remain open at all times during construction, controlled by a traffic signal.

“I am gratified that Caltrans will begin work on this emergency repair so soon after the western lane closure,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Efren Carrillo. “Highway 1 is an integral community connector for our coastline, heavily impacted in the summer by tourism, and both emergency services and our residents rely on this section of roadway. With the emergency project, both lanes will be available while environmental studies for the long term solution are completed.” 

The Highway 1 Gleason Beach Realignment Project will completely realign the highway to the east.  However, this major project has just completed the final environmental document phase, and will not go into construction until 2019. Until that time, Caltrans will continue to monitor the highway and maintain safety for travelers.

Caltrans staff reminds drivers to be cautious driving through the construction zone, leave a safe traveling distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you, and Slow for the Cone Zone.

For further information, please contact Caltrans representative Allyn Amsk at (510) 286-5445.

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