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Rio Nido Magic - August 2016


Rio Nido Magic - August 2016

by Elena Chronis

A beautiful summer

Time sure flies super fast when summer is upon our tiny magical hamlet here in Rio Nido. It has been in my opinion one of the best summer’s here so far. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters there is just an overall feeling of happiness in the air. Neighbors enjoying bbq’s on their decks, the joyous laughter of children playing and the happy barking of dogs in the dog park. August is a great month with warm weather. As memory serves me right, last year we had warm weather all the way to October 31st when my husband and I hosted an eventful neighborhood Halloween Costume party with at least 65 guests all gathering outside enjoying the light show and the marvelous warm October evening. However, the next morning on November 1st you could feel the bone chilling cold in the air. Winter arrived quickly and briskly in Rio Nido.

Back to school

Sadly, times have changed over the years with back to school starting as early as the first and second week of August for many children. It seems rather cruel to me to cut summer short before Labor Day weekend. With all the vacation times during the school year, a week here and there off during the school season for various ski weeks spring breaks, teacher conferences etc., summers just aren’t as long and languishing as they used to be. Growing up in San Francisco going to Catholic school, we started summer the first week of June and returned back to school the first week of September. This way we had three full months of summer and, in my book is the ideal way to fully enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Rio Nido Stuff

The RN playground has been very busy lately with lots of little kids playing on the swings, running around and hanging out on the monkey bars.

Russian River Rec and Park are always beautifying Rio Nido. They were out and about cleaning up the Children’s playground last week adding new wood chips to the playground and sprucing it up for our little community. On top of that, they have been diligent on removing weeds and brush, mowing lawns and cleaning up the dog park on a regular basis. Summer revelers and locals alike have been utilizing the tennis court just about every day. The county came out and filled potholes all around Rio Nido that resurfaced and this time they did a nice job. PG&E came out to cut branches away from power lines. Neighbors are all watching out for each other here, its like being surrounded by family. I tell ya’ good things are happening all around Rio Nido.

Rio Nido HomeOwners Association

July 2nd’s HOA Hamburger/hot dog bbq was alot of fun. Good food, delicious drinks and the RN neighborhood spirit was alive and well all around this hamlet. 

Remember these dates

Sunday, August 7th: Pancake Breakfast at 9am followed by the RN Art show. Its gonna be a good one. Also, our last hurrah for the summer season is on Sunday, September 4th with the HOA’s Labor Day BBQ. Starts at 4:00pm.  Looking forward to seeing you there for all the good times!

There is a new “Post Mistress” in town

Elsa Dine is our new Post Mistress. Elsa would like to say hello to everyone in Rio Nido and is looking forward to meeting everyone in the neighborhood. She resided in RN for several years before purchasing a home with her husband in Forestville. She is thrilled to be working at the post office and is enjoying it immensely. Stop in and say hello if you haven’t had a chance. 

Friends of Rio Nido (FRN)

The next FRN meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26 from 11:00-12pm at the picnic tables adjacent to the dog park. For more info go to:

Roxy, Pet of the MonthRio Nido Pet of the Month

Roxy is a pretty 15-week-old Blue Coat Chihuahua. Roxy is a sprite young girl. She is exceptionally active, loves to play with her toys and has more energy in that tiny three-pound frame than the “Energizer Bunny!” She is teething at the moment and likes to chew on everything and anything. She bites her two Rottweiler brothers (Jesse James and Zeus) on their ankles and steals their toys out of their mouths. Her two Chihuahua sisters – Minka and Lolly – are good sports and do their best to tolerate her at the moment. Hopefully as she matures, she will calm down. Her nickname is “Blue Devil”. Let’s give her a warm RN welcome.