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North Bay Workers’ Rights hearing on Health Professionals

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North Bay Workers’ Rights hearing on Health Professionals

The North Bay Jobs with Justice Workers Rights Board will hold a hearing on

Saturday, August 13th from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

(doors open at 9 a.m.) concerning working conditions, salary, and benefits for the Health Professionals Unit, represented by ESC Local 20, IFPTE, employed by the County of Sonoma. The hearing will be held at Christ Church United Methodist, 1717 Yulupa Ave., in Santa Rosa.  The event is free and wheelchair accessible.

The Health Professionals Unit at the County of Sonoma which includes Public Health Nurses, Environmental Health Scientists, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Microbiologists and more, have been struggling to reach agreement with Sonoma County negotiators on a new contract that respects the important services they provide and includes an economic package that will ensure the recruitment and retention of the best qualified staff.  Over the last few years, compensation has been reduced through unpaid work furloughs, increases in health care costs and pension contributions, and salary stagnation policies that have resulted in a severe market wage gap.   ESC Local 20 has been urging County negotiators to provide equity pay related to comparable jobs in comparable areas.

Moreover, the County recently insisted on agreement to a permanent furlough policy that effectively equates to a 2% annual pay cut.  Many of these workers, who do everything from ensuring safe water and food, to responding to mental health crises, and to providing therapy for physically challenged children, feel disrespected as the County seeks to balance its budget apparently at the expense of these critical public service providers. With wages already behind the market rate, this would further exacerbate recruitment and retention problems already seen in many classifications of workers in the Health Professional Unity. 

The Health Professionals Unit at the County of Sonoma and ESC Local 20 have requested that the North Bay Workers’ Rights Board (WRB) conduct a hearing and investigate their complaints. The WRB is a public forum where workers can bring complaints against employers and institutions for violating their human and legal rights and expectations of fair treatment at the workplace. The WRB consists of leaders and professionals of faith, labor, and community organizations of the North Bay. After the hearing the board will publish a report and provide recommendations to the County of Sonoma as well as to the workers in order to resolve their complaints.



The North Bay Workers’ Rights Board is a project of North Bay Jobs with Justice.  For further information regarding North Bay Jobs with Justice and the North Bay Workers’ Rights Board, see the website: