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Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - August 2016


Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - August 2016

We’ve had some hot summer days ushering us into August, with no sign of the occasional light rains that persisted until a few weeks ago. The grasses and plants lining the roads are definitely putting on their pale golden beige summer colors. 

I’ve heard that the “La Nina” portion of the El-Nino, La-Nina cycle is late in coming, meaning that we may be looking at another year of closer-to-normal rainfall here in the Alexander Valley. If so, it could mean that the drought really is over for the time being. For the sake of our trees in Sonoma County and the rest of California, I hope that is so.

Coming Up in the Area in  August

Looking for fun things to do in our Sonoma County regional parks? Check out the summer-long calendar of events, camps, and other fun activities at to find dozens of events. For our own Lake Sonoma, go directly to the Army Corps of Engineers page

 For many students in the area, August is the real back-to-school month with classes starting up soon, well before the old date of around labor day. In Geyserville itself, the back-to-school date for 2016 is August 17th, but don’t worry - Labor Day  Monday, September 5th is still a holiday and will give students, teachers and parents a long weekend.

A Few Foodie Moment(s) of the Month

Visitors this month gave me excellent reasons to revisit two Geyserville gems – classic Catelli’s and the somewhat newer Rustic at Francis Ford Coppola’s winery

At Catelli’s, nothing suits summer more than the burrata and prosciutto appetizer served with lightly dressed arugula leaves. We had it at a table inside to take advantage of the cool interior on a hot day, but I think it tastes even better outside at the hidden patio which resides behind the restaurant.  

At Coppola’s, we enjoyed the wine-paired tasting menu which featured as a selection the Madame Bali lamb chops. This dish  almost qualifies as an ancient Egyptian dish with its partly pomegranate-inspired glaze over the rack of lamb. 

Have an interesting tidbit to share about Geyserville or a spot I should include? Feel free to contact me at Isis Oasis Sanctuary at 707 857 4747 or at my email address above. Till next month!