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Radioland - KBBF 89.1 FM Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County

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Radioland - KBBF 89.1 FM Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County

by Edgar Avila

To:  Mr. Rafael Vasquez, his supporters, the KBBF Community, Listeners, Members and Volunteers:

Thank you all for your recent interest in KBBF programming. We were all touched by the sincere and heartfelt community response to volunteer programmer Rafael Vasquez’s resignation and the issue of bringing his program, Lideres del Futuro back to the KBBF airwaves.

Often in community radio it is difficult to measure who is listening to our programming and whether we are having any impact. This issue has reminded us of what an important role this radio station plays in our community and we want to thank you for that. Your interest in and desire for this program clearly demonstrates that we are meeting a part of the community’s needs and we have heard you. We hope that you will continue to be invested in KBBF and will consider volunteering with us in the future.

Also, please forgive me and the KBBF Board for not responding as quickly to this issue as the community demanded. Mr. Vasquez’s on-air resignation (back in February), presented a new situation for all of us and (honestly) there was some conflict as to the best approach to resolve the issue in a manner that works for everyone (including those who volunteer at the station, our community, our listeners, the KBBF Board and the KBBF General Manager).

With that said, the KBBF Board of Directors has adopted a policy regarding on-air resignations that states the following:  

On-air resignations made without prior notice or approval of the KBBF General Manager will result in the suspension of the programmer for one year from the date of the on–air resignation. After the one year period, the programmer is welcome to petition the KBBF GM for reinstatement of the privilege to broadcast on KBBF.  This reinstatement may include a probationary period and is subject to the approval of the KBBF General Manager.

We have always intended to replace the valuable content contained in the Lideres del Futuro radio program with other similar programming and again ask the community’s assistance with this endeavor. We have already begun negotiations for informational contributions from Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University, and we are actively searching for a host and/or executive producer to direct the new program. Please stay tuned.

We thank you for bringing your concerns and desires to me and the KBBF Board.  Your actions give us the kind of direction that we, as the managing body of KBBF, always appreciate.  Again, we ask that you consider lending your voices to the operations, the airtime content, or to the governance of this community project.  We could not create community radio without you, the members of our beloved community.   Gracias por su interés y su apoyo de KBBF 89.1.

In Solidarity,

Vylma Ortiz, Esq.
General Manager, KBBF Radio on behalf of the Board of Directors
Bilingual Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.
KBBF 89.1 FM, Calistoga, Santa Rosa, CA