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Cazadero Communications - August 2016


Cazadero Communications - August 2016

by Natasha Pehrson

I am writing this from inside of my airy cyber-hut, with a view of the lovely redwoods outlined by the very blue sky! Although I can’t really believe that August will be here when you read this, I will give you some great events to look forward to in our little corner of the world!

New neighbor Sue Hamill has established a little free library at 2220 Cazadero Hwy in memory of her brother who passed away from liver cancer in April. The motto for the little free library is “Take a Book, Return a Book.” She would like to invite any resident to come by and get a book. For more information on the library visit 

The Montgomery Elementary School begins its fall session on August 24th. Remember to be extra careful on the roads as school kids will be around!

Cazadero’s Sky Garden presents its Annual Recycling Circus, Rummage Sale, Flea Market, Barter & Trade Event on Saturday, August 27th from 9-4 p.m. Please contact Cathy at for reservations and more info. Only $10.00 for a space!

CANCELED: The Cazadero Community Club will host a Chili Cook-off on Saturday, September 3rd, from 11-3 p.m. at the Firehall on Cazadero Hwy. Entry is open until August 29th. Please contact Bonnie at to sign up! The public will vote on their favorite chili!

The next meeting of the Cazadero Community Club will be on Tuesday, August 23rd, 7 p.m. at the Firehall! Please join your neighbors in planning great events which benefit the entire community.

Another terrific Wednesday at the Waterfall evening will be held at the lovely CazSonoma Inn on August 3rd, featuring dinner, wine from Paul Matthews Winery, Poet Laureate Dana Goia, live music and more! Proceeds benefit the Cazadero Performing Arts Camp. Please call 632-5255 for reservations.

Raymond’s Bakery features its Friday Night Pizza and live music until 9.p.m. weekly.

Both the Cazadero and Duncan Mills General Stores offer daily groceries and local specialties.

I wish a Very Happy August Birthday to Andrea Feeney on the 1st, Ben Radtkey on the 5th, Ted Parmeter celebrates on the 8th, along with Kerry Kelly, Rebecca Chambers and Lena Brown share the 22nd, Ariana Port-Sonenshine enjoys the 23rd, along with Ryan Hartnett, Mari Parmeter on the 27th and Michel Orlando-Griggs and Elizabeth Moeckel on the 30th.

Have a terrific Summer and email me at or call 632-5545 with info for your Cazadero Column.