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Santa Rosa Snippets - August 2016 - Elaine Holtz


Santa Rosa Snippets - August 2016 - Elaine Holtz

Natural and Affordable Health Care is now available in Santa Rosa 

Founder and Director of the Community Holistic Clinic CHC a non-profit organization, Dr. Laura Polak, D.C. was concerned that low income individuals are unable to get alternative health services. To remedy that problem she started CHC, a natural health clinic and partnered with Burbank Housing, a local nonprofit organization that included CHC as part of the services provided. Individuals in Santa Rosa earning under $30,000 per year can get Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and massage therapy on a sliding scale starting at as little as $10.00 per treatment. The Clinic takes place every Fridays at the Colgan Meadows Community Room in Santa Rosa from 1-4pm. For further information call 707-636-4620 to make appointment.

Santa Rosa Hires new City Clerk 

Daisy Gomez began her new position with the City of Santa Rosa on July 25, 2016. Ms. Gomez brings over 16 years of experience in the public sector serving most recently as Senior City Clerk Analyst for the City of Long Beach. Prior to that role, Ms. Gomez was the Chief Election /Supervisor for the City of Los Angeles.

City Manager Sean McGlynn stated, “Following a nationwide search, I am pleased with the appointment of Ms. Gomez to serve as the City Clerk for the City of Santa Rosa. The City Clerk is a key leadership position to which Ms. Gomez brings much depth and breadth of experience and a commitment to public service.”

Santa Rosa City Council Candidates 

Individuals who have filed a Candidate Intention Statement (FPPC Form 501) or Statement of Organization for a Recipient Committee (FPPC Form 410 are: Brandi Asker, Julie Combs (incumbent), Ernesto Oliveras (incumbent), Chris Rogers, and Harrison “Jack” Tibbetts. The candidate nomination period for the November 8, 2016 General Municipal Election opened at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, July 18, 2016 and closes at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 12, 2016, unless extended.  

The Santa Rosa No Name Group will be hosting a candidate form on Monday August 1st at the Odd Fellows Hall in Santa Rosa.

Temporary Mural Display at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park 

Special shout-out to Judy Kennedy, a local artist and public art advocate for the inspiring temporary mural which was displayed at the annual Juneteenth Festival in June. There were nine photographs of the people in the original mural printed on poster paper and were 3 feet long by 2 feet wide and pasted over the mural with water-soluble glue called wheat paste. The pictures have been taken down to make room for the new mural. 

It was sad seeing what happened to the mural, but it is a reminder that there are individuals who do not feel connected to the community or cared about. I believe this action as a statement of folks wanting to be seen. It is my hope that once the new mural goes up those individuals will recognize that those on the mural cared about them and this is a honoring and remembrance of those true acts of commitment and kindness. 

Restoration of Mural at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in Southpark

The large mural is on an outside wall of a Head Start preschool building at Martin Luther King Jr. Park on Hendley Street and included civil right figures including Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez along with Sonoma County’s Rev. James E. Coffee of Community Baptist Church, former director of Sonoma County People for Economic Opportunity Eddie Mae Sloan and Platt Williams, who in 1952 helped found the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter and Santa Rosa leaders with connections to the area, Alicia Sanchez, Rev. Ann Gray Bird, Greg Sarris and Jesse Love. The mural was destroyed by graffiti in June of 2016 and is in the process of being restored. 

Vince Harper, assistant director of Community Engagement Partnership, was involved in the original mural and is overseeing the restoration project. “This is a community treasure and bringing it back is a statement that we as a community are united in our resolve to have this history in our project.” Harper needed $6,000 to restore the mural and two donors came forward: John Jordon Foundation which supports programs that improve quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens, provided $3,000 and Greg Sarris, Tribal Chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria donated $3,000, plus fifteen individuals from the community gave donations from $10 to $100.

Laura Hoffman, who painted the original mural, was hired to work on the restoration with Art Start in Santa Rosa providing a space for the artist to work. Harper hopes the mural will be finished before South Park Day and Night Party happening on September 24th at the park. 

Something to Think About 

 “The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.” – Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Elaine B. Holtz is producer/Host of “Women’s Spaces” on KBBF 89.1FM Monday 

11-12 noon & 11-12 midnight. Visit her website at: Become a Fan on Facebook.