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Penngrove Station by Lyndi Brown - August 2016


Penngrove Station  - August 2016

by Lyndi Brown

Grok is a word coined by Robert A. Heinlein for his 1961 science-fiction novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience.

Town Hall Meeting

I did my best to grok the Town Hall meeting held by Supervisor David Rabbitt, with guests Senator Mike Thompson, and staff from the County,  SMART and Sheriff’s Dept. (June 28 at Penngrove Clubhouse). Around July 11, construction begins on a “cue-cutter”. It will sense when cars are waiting and turn red if cars are in or near the Main St. tracks. Completion time is 12-18 months. Barricades will be removed after cue-cutter is in place. The SMART crossing arm (problematic at Woodward and Main St.) will be removed after four quad gates are installed. Two gates are planned for both sides of tracks. Bill Fishman requested “please speed up safety at Woodward & Main. Safety regulations comply but it doesn’t provide safety!”  Residents are caught as they nose out of Woodward, beyond “limit line”, and RR arm comes down on cars. Visibility is poor and blocked by So Co Water Agency’s equipment box, which would cost $95K to remove. (What about a chain link fence box?) There are plans to complete a sidewalk to Woodward Ave. Speeding Discussion: Adobe Rd. @ Jacobson Lane is 45, not 75 mph. The problem with conducting traffic speed study is that outcomes are based on actual speeds cars travel. It can result in changes to a HIGHER speed. Also, when potholes are fixed, people speed more. Hm-m-m. Regarding the Penngrove Market building – per Tennis Wick (Planning Dir.), issues are title, drainage, ADA path of travel. The saga continues.

Radar Sign Downtown
– contributed by Burr Wilson

Hey all you drivers, listen up! Some of you haven’t been observing the speed limits posted on roads in and around Penngrove. Those speed limits are lower here for a reason; Cars have been crashing, persons are being injured, and there’s been some deaths, too. 

You’ve got to slow down in and around this town. The hills on arterials, a congested downtown area, an elementary school at the most heavily trafficked intersection, all of these things make Penngrove a challenging course to get through. Note that speed limits are 25 along Main St.

I know, Penngrove is just a small spot on the map, and you’re probably on your way through here with other things on your mind. So, to help out those speedometer-challenged drivers, local citizens partnered with the CHP to place a radar speed sign trailer on these roads. If your vehicle is traveling over the speed limit, the sign will light up with your speed, and a message warning SLOW DOWN in red letters. That’s a friendly way of saying that you’re eligible for a speeding ticket when the CHP posts an officer alongside the road you’re on. Just sayin’, you’ve been warned.

School is Open

Students returned to school at Penngrove Elementary on July 18. Take care when driving near the school, as conditions have changed there recently: Lights are now set so both cars and walkers go on green. Heads up, there are six students waiting for a mentor. Do you have just one hour per week to share with a young student? Dozens of students are waiting for mentors to volunteer in Petaluma schools, too, Contact Sarah Keiser to learn more. Make a difference in a child’s life today! Email or call 707-332-5969. 

Taste the Summer

Here is a ridiculously easy and delicious tomato sauce recipe from Italian recipe expert Marcella Hazan. It’s just tomatoes (I don’t even peel the skins), butter and an onion. When Anthony first made it, I pooh-poohed the amount of butter. Then I tasted it, and wanted to lap it up. Freeze it in Ziplock bags and enjoy the taste of summer all winter.

Apples already dropped from my Gravenstein tree by mid-July. No worries, just earlier apple crisp, which I make