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Bodega Bay Beat - August 2016


Bodega Bay Beat - August 2016

by Joan Poulos

The fireworks were, as usual, a big hit and this time the only fire came from a flare on a boat, so even the firefighters were happy.  The crowds were big; the traffic incredible, but everyone seemed to have a good time (and the fog held off for a few hours.) The Firefighters’ pancake breakfast was great and well attended (maybe it’s the mimosas) and everyone seemed happy and joyful.  

It takes some effort to do most of your shopping out here, but it is often  worth it.  For example the Grange needed some fencing ( to keep those who park in the Grange parking lot )from crossing our little garden and stepping right on to Highway One. Ignoring the Home Depot ads,  I tried Sebastapol hardware first and how glad I was.  The clerk spent a lot of time searching for just the right barrier.A short, white picket fencet was perfect, but costly. I told the clerk it was for the Grange in Bodega Bay.  He didn ‘t say anything, but when I went to check out he told the cashier and said “it’s for a charity. Discount it.” They did, and I left the store very grateful and determined to return.

We have new locations for businesses in town.  Gourmet au Bay, the very successful wine store on Highway 1 is now in Porto Bodega. They have an Italian chef, (Chef Sam) and are serving a varied menu plus wine from their extensive wine list.  Those who have tried their wood fired – cuisine  say it is wonderful.  It is nice to have another waterfront restaurant.   We know that Ginocchios will be opening near there soon, with barbecue and wood-fired pizza.  We love having choices and especially when the operators have done some much for the community (Chamber of Commerce, etc.)For example the day after the fireworks Alicia and Patti, her mother, were out picking up trash on behalf of the Chamber  at 7 a.m.  We need more citizens like this. 

We have another new business, High Tide. It is a store for comic books and games; looks like fun. It’s located in the Adams buildings, on Highway 1. Stop by and check it out.

Beware--this appears to be the season for scams.  When the phone rings at 7 a.m. and a  professional-sounding voice asks if “X” is your granddaughter (and she is) and a young voice says, “Hello, Grandma.  I’m in trouble.” If you have soft spot for all grandkids, (and are half asleep) you don’t just hang up. This child said she was in custody and she said she needed to raise her bail. She assured me she had only been riding with a friend, who was stopped for speeding. Heroin was found in the trunk.  She said the officer was right there and would explain. He said he was a Deputy Sheriff,  Sgt. Robinson, and gave me a number to verify.  He said the bail was $3,000 but that if I brought a prepaid voucher to him he could get my granddaughter released on bail.  Fortunately, by this time, I woke up.  I queried him and he said the Judge had already set it and issued a gag order.  I was not to contact anybody if I wanted my granddaughter out.  Having had some experience as a public defender, I knew something was off.

“Who is her lawyer?,” I asked. He said she would be assigned one if she could not afford one. By this time I knew it was a scam. No one without counsel,  gets arrested in the evening , gets into Court where  orders are made and bail is set before 8  a.m.  I told him I would call back. I then called the jail and the public defender (who track all arrests in any office I have had experience with).  No such person arrested. By this time I was fully awake and called my local sheriff and told him there was someone impersonating an officer and gave him the phone number.  Surprise. The phone number didn’t answer (1-888-243-3828). The sheriff said he would take it from there and he was glad I didn’t fall for the scam.

We have some really nice people in this county.  We lost one of our pioneers this month. Harold Ames, who was a long time fisherman and one of the founders of the local Grange, died.  We had a memorial for him at Grange and a larger one is planned soon. He was the kind of guy who would pitch in and help, wherever he saw the need. His wife, Shirley, still gets around in  the community and his sister, Glennis Carpenter has helped keep the Grange alive.

Now elections impinge upon our lives. My phone rings frequently seeking donations, but  that is the price of democracy. The town hall that John Doolittle arranged was so successful that now individual candidates are setting them up.  Linda Hopkins will be at the Grange on August 31 from 6-8 p.m. to meet the people and to answer questions . Apparently Tom Lynch is now endorsing her.  We look forward to more information about this candidate.  It is time to start reading about the various measures which will be on the ballot (like the marijuana issue).

The Bodega Bay School book sale is August 6-7 and 13-14 at the Grange; the birds are showing signs of fall (I had wild turkeys in my yard today) and fawns are growing up. Get outdoors; enjoy our lovely area, and remember, BE KIND