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Broadband UPDATE on Rural Internet and Phone Service

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Broadband UPDATE on Rural Internet and Phone Service

CPUC hearing in Ukiah.

It was EXCELLENT! We had a great turnout from both “heavy hitters” like the Sheriff and CalFire Unit Chief, Police departments, Fire departments, EMS, etc and also residents telling their stories.  A huge thank-you to the county Executive Office for all their work and for providing a warm welcome to Commissioner Sandoval to Mendocino County.  I encourage you to watch the video if you have broadband. 

The hearing was scheduled from 2:30-4:30, but with the large turnout it continued well past 6 pm.  I am sorry that there were some folks who had to leave before they were called to speak, and I hope that they provide written comments.  THIS PROCEEDING IS STILL OPEN, and so it’s not too late to share you story.  Although I don’t know when the proceeding will close, I’m guessing in a few weeks so don’t delay.  Commissioner Sandoval really listened to what the speakers said, and showed deep interest.  She asked specific questions about addresses and stressed that the telephone companies had a legal obligation to provide reliable service, and will be following up on these comments.  If you have a problem with your phone, SEND IN YOUR COMMENTS. Don’t wait for the phone to go out again this winter.   I would like to echo Supervisor McCowen’s comment that I too hope that this event is a “watershed” event for our county.  

Updated website now includes:

  • The link to the video of the hearing 
  • A pdf I created of the speakers and their time (I still plan to complete the last column with a summary of comments as I have time)
  • The CPUC address to where people can send written comments to be included in the hearing while it is still open. 

All the info is here:

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Broadband Alliance 

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“Broadband is the great infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century.” 

From the FCC National Broadband Plan, February 2011