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Fine Tree Care - 3 Reasons to Trim Your Trees

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3 Reasons to Trim Your Trees

Health, Beauty & Safety

HEALTH: trees depend upon water, nutrients and light. After a four-year drought, roots systems are rejuvenated and branches are heavy with leaves. Both soil and light vary widely depending upon your location. Light influences the shape and balance of a tree as limbs grow toward light in a crowded enviroment. Over-reaching can make a tree imbalanced.

BEAUTY: left alone, trees tend to become heavy with dense canopies. In a landscape enviroment we shape trees to provide light for other plants, prune for distant views, shape for shade, and create privacy screening. We create your ideal outdoor living space.

SAFETY: selective pruning for beauty may fall short of safety goals. Where trees stand in relationship to foot traffic and structures influences how we trim. Hazard mitigation may override aesthetics when it comes to life and limb. Sometimes it’s not just your trees that create a hazard. We look at the entire enviroment when evaluating your property for safety.Call Fine Tree Care to enhance the health, beauty & safety of your landscape. Our crew will shape trees so that you’ll see your home as never before and become amazed how beautiful a tree can be. 

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