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Fine Tree Care - Trimming Trres after a Drought

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Tree Care after a Four-Year Drought

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Coming out of a four-year drought, right into heavy rain, put a lot of stress on your trees. Some are still in stress. As we watched leaves form on limbs this spring we noticed many branches just couldn’t bud out. The tree chose healthy boughs to send sap for growth, and bypassed weak limbs.We cut those weak branches off for the very same reasons. A healthy tree shouldn’t have to send energy where it will do little or no good. Ideally, we’ll get to trees in winter before spring growth. But right now it’s easy to see which limbs your trees selected or rejected for growth.

Mid-summer gives us ideal conditions for evaluating the health of your trees. By now every vital limb is in full leaf, so we trim to help it along. We’ll cut off extra branches it doesn’t need so light and air can reach every healthy leaf.Dead or weak limbs come off to remove hazards during winter storms and lighten the load on branch attachments.Call Fine Tree Care to enhance the health, beauty & safety of your trees this summer. Your trees will show you how grateful they are next spring when it’s time to grow again.

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